The Complete Bluechew Review: Does It Really Work or Is it a Scam?

Over the years there have been many companies creating products to treat erectile dysfunction.

However, few have managed to get the attention that BlueChew has gotten.

This is an online service that was developed in 2017. Headed by a team of entrepreneurs, they set out to create chewable tablets that provided men relief from the main symptoms of ED.

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The tablets were primarily focused on relieving the major problems that men faced in bed. However, to make this medication unique, it had to be built from the ground up in a professional manner.

BlueChew is fundamentally different in terms of the assistance, quality and benefits it offers. This is because unlike many other solutions out there, it actually was worked on by a team of professional experts.

When you use this medical professionals provide you  a consultation online. Their medical team excels at diagnosing the patients with the right treatment. And in the case that the professional they’ve allotted is unable to diagnose the symptoms, they even offer a money back guarantee.

Once the diagnosis is done, a treatment plan is recommended to the patient. This usually involves a month-long subscription to BlueChew’s chewable medication.

What Was The Idea Behind BlueChew?

The need for a service like BlueChew has grown quite naturally. There is no denying that the healthcare system currently in place in the United States has some deep-rooted issues.

Patients have to go through a number of hoops just to get diagnosed. And then treatment is yet another hurdle to pass.

This is why BlueChew was created, and put the focus back on the user. Through this service, users are able to get a treatment that is catered to their specific case.

With a high-quality and trained team of professionals, the company is able to ensure that their users receive a treatment plan that is designed to be perfect in every way. This includes the:

– Dose of medication
– Type (Sildenafil or Tadalafil)
– Taste

With such a unique angle on ED, the popularity of BlueChew has been rising exponentially.

What Do You Get When You Subscribe to BlueChew?

After signing up for bluechew, users will have to first get a prescription. This is done online – freeing users of the usual problems of timing and scheduling. It also ensures an embarrassment-free experience and complete discretion.

Once the professional consultation takes place, their team of trained experts will provide the users with a prescription of Sildenafil or Tadalafil. Users can then start receiving their supply of chewable tablets, based on their diagnosis. There are quite a few plans that are available. Each of this comes alongside a digital appointment, chewable tablets and monthly refills. Users also get the following with their subscription:

– A prescription of Sildenafil or Tadalafil
– High-quality medical support from a team of trained professionals
– The relief of not having to deal with embarrassing real-life consultations
– 30 MG of sildenafil or 6 MG of Tadalafil

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Which Type of Bluechew Is Best?

Bluechew is available in two main variants. These are Sildenafil and Tadalafil. These two different in certain ways, which means that users will have to see which one is better for them before they subscribe. The variants differ on the following ways:

– Tadalafil is the ingredient in Cialis. It stays in the body for a much longer period than Sildenafil. Sometimes up to 36 hours.
– Sildenafil is the ingredient in Viagra. It does not stay in the body as long. Its effects can only be felt for the first 4-6 hours.

As a result, Tadalafil is ideal for when a person believes they’ll partake in sexual activity, but have no exact timeframe of when in the day. Sildenafil is preferable when one is sure they’ll be partaking in intercourse in the very immediate future.

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What’s the Price Tag on BlueChew?

The BlueChew service comes at various prices, each of which has a different number of doses provided. Finding the ideal choice largely depends on certain factors like your budget and how often you intend to have intercourse. The packages and pricing are as follows:

– $20 a Month Plan – 6 Chewable Tablets of Sildenafil or 4 Chewable Tablets of Tadalafil
– $30 a Month – 10 Chewable Tablets of Sildenafil or 7 Chewable Tablets of Tadalafil
– $50 a Month – 17 Chewable Tablets of Sildenafil or 14 Chewable Tablets of Tadalafil (their most popular package)
– $90 a Month – 34 Chewable Tablets of Sildenafil or 28 Chewable Tablets of Tadalafil

Reasons to Consider BlueChew

– Medical professionals from a number of esteemed and reputable institutes work for As a result, they are able to lend an expert perspective on every patient.
– The subscription process is easy. Users have the option to cancel at any time, and if they want, they may also change their plan. Additionally, the prices are fairly lenient, especially when compared to alternative products in the market. The benefits this service provides far outweigh the monthly cost.
– Users have a 30-day trial period to get a refund if they felt like they did not receive something up to the mark. Their money will be refunded, with just the shipping cost subtracted.
– The service has received the attention of many, who have rated it positively. The testimonials help shape a clear idea of what this service offers.
– Allows users the freedom of not having to worry about stressful real-life doctor’s appointments.

BlueChew Review – Final Thoughts and Conclusion

BlueChew service was created from the ground up as a reliable and effective form of reigniting one’s passion and performance in bed. It offers a convenient prescription-based chewable tablet medication in Sildenafil or Tadalafil.

In addition to this, the team has a number of expert doctors who have managed to assist a number of patients. For this reason, it is definitely worth considering. For more information or to buy BlueChew, visit the official site (link given below).

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Published On: March 31, 2020