The E-Sports Trainer Provides a Unique Audio Training Experience

Huntersville, North Carolina, 16th November 2022, ZEXPRWIRE,This patented training aid inspires users to develop proper muscle memory when playing a sport. It will monitor, track, and correct the user’s performance in real-time. It speaks 7 different languages, has 3 different levels in each sport to grow with the user, and tracks training performance in real-time. The patented E-Sports Training aid is created to enhance the user’s muscle memory when playing a sport. It will correct you in real-time and give you tips as you continue to practice properly within the software design specifications. It will help you land those buzzer-beaters every time.  

“Nothing is more effective than consistency when it comes to making your performance stand out” and the E-Sports Trainer was created to encourage users with consistency in training as its core idea. Its primary function is to correct you in real time! 

It can be used by anyone to train at any level they desire – from beginner to professional. Its primary function is to correct you in real-time if your shooting form is improper and give you audio feedback like “Keep your elbow tucked in” or “Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and shoulders square” until you get it right consistently. No matter the time or place, in your home or at the gym, the E-Sports Trainer Basketball edition will focus 100% on you and your development!  

The first edition of the E-Sports Trainer is for basketball but there are more sports editions coming soon. With every sports edition, there are 3 different versions that will grow with the user. 

1. The first version is for the novice player to help users develop muscle memory.

2. The second version will have tighter specifications to help the user improve their game mechanics. 

3. The third version allows you to “Train It So It Can Train You” – the user will simply go through their normal form, and the E-Sports Trainer will record it. Once the recording is saved, the device will keep track of their movement, and the moment they deviate from their normal form, it will trigger and give feedback to the user. 

When asked how this idea came to his mind, Mr. Shawn Moye said, “I wanted to ensure the user would get quality practice time, gain a competitive advantage, and do it in a cost-efficient way, as sports camps are expensive.” That’s when the E-Sports Trainer, aka Elijah’s Sports Trainer, was born.” It all started when Mr. Shawn Moye had an awful experience trying to find someone to train his son, Elijah, who started showing interest in Basketball but couldn’t find anyone to help him get consistent at shooting and become a baller. However, Mr. Moye is not one to give up easily, so he decided to take it upon himself to create a device that would help people train without the help of an expert. This resulted in the creation of the E-Sports Trainer. 

The E-Sports Trainer was featured on the television program “America’s Big Deal,” which appeared on the USA Network in December of 2021. It has also been mentioned in a bunch of articles – Inventors Digest Magazine, the Charlotte Post, and Currents Magazine, to name a few. Moreover, it has also been featured on entrepreneur podcasts and radio programs. 

Shawn Moye will be on Season 8 of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, which will air on 16 November 2022 here.

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Published On: November 16, 2022