Via ZEXPR, The use of digital currency has increased dramatically this year. But what if you’d put your money in even earlier?

When it comes to investments, it’s always fun to play the “what if?” game, remarkably when top cryptocurrencies have risen in value after their introduction. If that interests you, keep reading and find out how much money you might have gained if you had invested in Ethereum from the beginning.

Let’s take a closer look at Ethereum.

It was less than $1 until January 2016.

Ethereum is now the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, behind only Bitcoin. After its release in July 2015, it was first traded for $2.77 on August 7, 2015. However, the coin’s value had fallen to $0.81 the next day.

You would have done better if you hadn’t taken the leap and had purchased Ethereum at $2.77.

Keep in mind that the price of digital money has skyrocketed this year, with Ethereum up more than 300 percent since January 1.

So, if you invested $100 on the first day, you’d end up with 36.1 Ethereum tokens. Today (May 2), each token would be worth approximately $2,941.58, making those 36.1 ETH tokens worth $106,191.038!

The Investment Centre broker, Christian Ricci, discusses how many you’d have today if you bought $100 worth of Ethereum at the start.

So, if I invested $100, I’d now have more than $100,000?

Yes, in theory. However, life hardly goes as planned.

The problematic part with cryptocurrency and other emerging investments is that we both might have purchased Bitcoin or Ethereum years earlier if we had the advantage of hindsight. We must have bought Amazon stock when it first went public at $18 a share.

The Investment Centre broker, Christian Ricci, is a Bitcoin investor. He does so because he considers it to be a wise long-term project.

What does this imply in terms of application? Christian Ricci feels safe buying Bitcoin tomorrow, even though its value can plummets. Because he has researched digital currency and feels it has increased in value. As a result, he will patiently wait for the value to rise again when prices decrease. People who are currently investing in Bitcoin are also keeping an eye open Etheruem, so it is no surprise that the value of Ethereum is now rising. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Christian Ricci has noticed that other cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin are also doing well with its recent surge. So, don’t give up on the latest trend of investing in the ups and downs of cryptocurrency mania.

Investing in a scheme after even learning the basics in the hopes of it being the next big thing, on the other hand, is more akin to gambling than investing. Furthermore, we did not have as many stable cryptocurrency exchanges or protections in 2015 as we do now. As a result, hackers or scammers may have had their hands on your Ethereum.

Is it Better to Invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Ethereum has been vying with Bitcoin for the top spot since its debut in 2015. It came close to overtaking it in February 2018. Since then, all of these coins have reached new all-time highs, and there seems to be more hope for growth in 2021.

When it comes down to it, the investor’s risk threshold determines whether or not to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum. As the world becomes more global and cryptocurrency’s acceptance expands, both are expected to do well over time. Although the optimistic attitude among experts in the field tends to have only increased over the last year for Ethereum, Bitcoin is the more mainstream and reliable of the two.

Without a doubt, the blockchain industry is more volatile than the equity market. So this might not be the market for you if you are incredibly risk-averse. Ethereum, on the other hand, might be a decent choice for you if you’re a long-term trader who doesn’t mind short-term risks.

However, Like other investments, Ethereum’s increased risk likely equates to higher rewards. In either case, the year is no longer 2009: both currencies have passed the proof-of-concept stage. So now is the ideal moment for buyers who have yet to discover this asset class.

Looking Forward

It’s quick to wish you’d bought Ethereum six years ago, or even six months ago, as you look back. However, if you didn’t, you do have plenty of choices. The most important thing is to consider long-term when investing, so look for stocks or cryptocurrencies you believe will survive.

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