Via ZEXPR, In today’s article, the broker from The Investment Centre “Nathan Bloomberg” unfolds the Altcoins that potentially hold growth in April. These Altcoins buy from the analysts as the crypto market is currently on an upwards trend in the past few weeks. Investors have seen pullbacks, 2 crazy flash crashes type situations in the past month or so in the market, but now we see Bitcoin and Ethereum started to trend higher. This is also pulling the mid-cap and the low-cap coins to start trending higher.

So First off, the broker of CVMarkets says we’re going to be looking at the market. The market is up about 6.95% recently. Bitcoin is up about 3%, and Ethereum is hitting new 52 week highs. Analysts say we are trading at around 2700 or a little bit over 2700 per coin, up about 6.8% recently, and then we have these other coins as well; Doge is pretty much flat. It is trading in the same area at about $0.27, so it hasn’t moved.

Another coin is Polygon (MATIC). It was up by 40% recently. So, if any of the investors invested in this coin, they would have made a 40% profit. Now, this coin is up about 130% at this point.

However, in this article, the first coin on the list will be Binance.


BNB is up about 9%. In the past month, it went over 114%, in the past year up over 3400%. So it shows massive gains on Binance. If any investor got in on this one early on, kudos to you.

Binance is at a market cap of around 90 billion. The volume of 4.2 billion coins supplies approximately 153.4 million cash. As of January 2018, the Binance exchange was the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally, handling over 1.4 million transactions per second.

Now the users of Binance coin receive a discount in transaction fees on Binance exchange as an incentive. Moreover, BNB can also be exchanged to or traded for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a few other ones. So Binance offers several uses such as:

  • Trading transaction
  • Transaction fees on Binance exchange
  • Credit card payments
  • Payment processing
  • Booking travel arrangement
  • Entertainment
  • Investment, and
  • Even loans and transfers.

Binance initially had 200,000,000 tokens or coins out of circulation. Now we’re down to about 153 million. So one might be asking themselves what is going on with another 47 million. BNB burning is a huge thing, which is why investors are interested. Binance uses 20% of its profits to buy back and burn Binance coins destroying them entirely forever.

So analysts believe that there had been about 13 burns and the last one was on October 17, 2020. There might have been one recently, but analysts have taken notes, say October 17. The goal was obviously to reach 100 million coins, so they want to get rid of 50% of those coins to go from 200,000,000 initially to about 100 million in the end. So analysts think that we are halfway there to burning half of them for the goal.

Once we get to the supply of 100 million coins, which will be ideal because of supply and demand. If there’s a low supply, the demand will be higher. If there is a high supply, the demand will be lower. So, if we have fewer of these coins, Binance should theoretically start a trend on higher.

 This coin could continue to move on higher than the 200-300 billion market cap. Analysts say they wouldn’t be surprised to see that in the next few years. Some Binance coin is one that many investors are adding to their radar. Because of this, they’re doing the burning, so there will be a cap off pretty much on the coin.

This is very similar to what Bitcoin does where there’s only going to be a 21 million Bitcoin never mined, so that means there will be some supply. There’s going to be demand for it. That is a good thing because there’s a cap. So the coins where there is literally like an unlimited supply almost then investors can just keep on going for millions of coins. They never do anything to get rid of them, so they will not be valued at all. Nobody’s going to want to hold them if there are so many of them out in circulation.

So, you should definitely be adding bias to the watch list to see what happens. As we have seen, it dips down to about 433, hit highs up nearly 600 per coin, and continues to make these minor pullbacks as Bitcoin was selling off. We had a little bit of that flash crash happened, so Binance wants to add to anyone’s radar.

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