The Last War Announces its Upcoming Public Sale on Pinksale Launchpad

Granada, Spain, 18 Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The Last War, an online village building and strategy game, has announced its public sale will take place on February 20. The sale will occur on the Pinksale launchpad after a whitelist sale on February 19. The token has also taken security measures, having been audited by Solidproof.

While the game has a strong focus on player-versus-player PvP, there also will be a “campaign” featuring player-versus-environment PvE. The rewards to be obtained will increase as the game advances, and the village develops. Note that to play, you must have at least one Hero, the protagonist NFTs of the game.

The Last War NFTs

The Last War is an NFT project based on the Clash of clans in the third person. Hence, it has different types of NFTs with different functionalities. 

Heroes are the game’s most important and necessary component. More than one Hero is required to proceed in the game, and three Heroes are required to enhance the Town Hall to the highest level. Then, the number of Heroes must be increased for the game to evolve.

The items,  other types of NFTs within the game, are small digital assets that provide various community perks and an aesthetic role. The benefits are cumulative up to a certain point.

The skins are NFT items as well. However, they are mainly decorative alterations, except select special skins that provide perks to the village.

The final NFT batch is the bonus, and various NFTs give out bonuses. Bonuses of the same sort can be stacked up to a certain limit (this limit will be set to prevent players from abusing them). The game will decide the limit in the future based on the specific incentive.

$TLW Token

$TLW is a BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain token. With a maximum supply of 21M, it is the major currency of The Last War. It will be required for players and investors to interact in the Last War metaverse.

The Last War ($TLW) can be used in both the market and the game. One can stake it for passive revenue, purchase resources and NFTs in the market, buy builders, expedite improvements on buildings and Heroes, and buy resources and NFTs.

To play the game, you must first acquire a Hero from the market; therefore, purchasing the token is required to participate in the project.

The Last War Marketplace

Following the completion of the first pre-sale, the NFTs purchased will be put into the wallets of purchasers and users who have made donations. The Marketplace will be open for business and available for interested parties to utilize.

Gamers can purchase packs, Heroes, skins, resources, and items there. The resources will be the major source of revenue in the game, and players may sell them to their fellow gamers on the Marketplace in return for in-game cash. To enhance the village and earn resources through gameplay, Players may purchase them directly from the Marketplace, where a 5% fee is charged in-game currency.

Roadmap Details: What is Coming?

For the first quarter of 2022, The Last War will see through the public sale and token launch on Pancakeswap, happening this month. There will also be the NFTs sale, release of the game’s alpha PvE and campaign mode, and lastly, staking.

According to their roadmap, the second quarter will launch the PvP beta and the mobile version of the game. There will also be the implementation of the basic functions of the guilds.

The game will grace the third quarter with the guild’s final features, war of guilds and more features. The rest of the roadmap is yet to be released, and Last War will share updates accordingly.

About Last War

The Last War is a strategy and village-building game hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. The game’s goal is to build an accessible and enjoyable game that will provide you with a sustained extra income. The game will mostly center on player-versus-player PvP, but it will also have a “campaign” in player-versus-environment PvE mode.

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Published On: February 18, 2022