28th April, 2020 / ZEXPRWIRE / We often say early in our lives that we want to make impacts on our generations and the world at large and rarely do we accomplish these dreams. Glaringly different from such instance is the case of the man building Africa’s Digital Healthcare Ecosystem. So many people wander through existence without ever knowing their WHY, their very reason for Being and knowing your purpose alone doesn’t guarantee impact. No, the latter is a factor of hardwork, commitment, constant growth with a huge dose of grace and true wisdom is understanding that Purpose and Impact are essential yardsticks by which we are measured.

This story is about one man willing to pay the “price” and, he is in flight already with plans that will change the healthcare landscape of Africa. I write about none other than the CEO/Co-founder, NIMEDIX ecosystem – Healthcare innovation for Africa with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ochoche Ubenyi.

About Ochoche Ubenyi

He is the guy who positively ignorant but with great resolve to become a Medical Doctor spent over 18 years just to get a Medical degree. That is plain stupid one would think but before you believe that, allow me take you on a little trip down memory lane.

Fresh out of Pre-Med in 2014, he already felt like a doctor. Dressed all clean with a new ward coat, Ubenyi resumed Clinic rotations. With the normal routine of morning meetings done, proud was he to see his name on the notice board, assigned to a resident in A&E. Like a flash, he made his way down to his post, to learn something new.

The event that would shape the awareness of his purpose to him began not long after arriving at his duty post. A man of political ranking drove in and with the sound of sirens loud in the background and his words obviously in terror, he said; “My wife, my wife she can’t breathe”. To shorten what would be described as moments of panic and frantic scrambling, she died because there was NO Oxygen to administer. But even in the threos of death she managed to force a smile with a whispered; “Thank you”, with eyes staring right into the young medical student’s whose first day at the A&E had just awakened something inside of him. Pained and sad, he wept silently.

Similar to many Healthcare personnel, Ochoche Ubenyi had to learn the art of smiling even with painful memories of tragic situations witnessed begging for release inside. And even though Ubenyi had lost many before this lady, a parent inclusive, she was different; the pain had struck a chord. Talk about PURPOSE; If not medicine what else could he possibly be doing?

“It took long for me to get into that moment but after that, I was certain that no matter how hard it got, I’ll be a doctor someday”, Ubenyi said.

Is he willing to sacrifice all these years of devotion to make an impact? Yes. And as he broadened his horizon with knowledge that would make a positive impact, Ochoche Ubenyi soon realized how limited he was and literally “insignificant”. He was against the monument of challenges that plagued his society yet, he has successfully presented to Africa a brighter future for healthcare with the setup of the NiMEDix ecosystem.

About NiMEDix

NiMEDix ecosystem (Ni =Nigeria, MED= Medical, ix=9th year in med school) is a project drawn from years of experience and, the passion for making an impact on the lives of Nigerians and Africans, made possible by blockchain technology in a time where TRUST is battered beyond recognition.

NiMEDix ecosystem is a sustainable innovation that creates revenue through healthcare transactions while advancing Africa’s healthcare network through decentralized healthcare industry data, communication, and medical care, etc.

This healthcare innovation by Ochoche Ubenyi and his team of extraordinary individuals is built to address all Determinants of Health. These Determinants involve:

Individual Behaviour

Individual Behavior which takes a whopping 36% of the total health determinant chart, just like some politicians take the most of our various national budgets. NiMEDix like private law enforcement takes care of this with its smart healthcare ecosystem, run on Blockchain technology in partnership with Artificial Intelligence with the help of healthcare personnel, storing and predicting to generate accurate individual psychological assets, negative moods and effects on each individual, person to person drug usage, sleep patterns, diet patterns, physical activities, and other risk-related behaviors.

Social Circumstance

The social circumstance is the queen of health determinants where individual behavior is king, as it takes the second largest portion with 24% on the health determinant chart. Without fail, NiMEDix addresses this as its decentralized data pool is structured to, with medical personnel help, collect and analyze changing effects of work conditions, discrimination, early childhood education and development, social connectedness, culture and tradition, history and incarceration, social status, sexual orientation, military service, and gender identity.

Genetics and Biology

You know how interesting it is to look into a microscope and find tiny elements usually referred to as ‘cells’ playing freely within a very minute space or environment? Well, that’s what makes genetics and biology so interesting, the existence of the microscopic us. Genetics and biology sit somewhat comfortably in the middle and accounts for 22% of the total health determinant chart. Wondering how NiMEDix intends to tackle this? It’ll be done with partnership with research institutions and organizations, accumulating and analyzing data from genetics to body structure and then, body function.

Medical Care

It may be shocking to see that medical care is just one place of the last position on the determinants of health chart and it might even seem wrong to you but, there’s a reason for this. With 11% of the total chart going to medical care, NiMEDix doesn’t look down on her and instead, the ecosystem provides services that address medical care issues such as; health literacy, quality of healthcare, access to healthcare and patient engagement through fast and reliable access to healthcare workers, pharmaceutical service providers, emergency responders, etc. all with the help of artificial intelligence and the blockchain network.

Physical Environment

The amazing way which the NiMEDix ecosystem addresses the issues of the physical environment which takes only 7% of the total health determinant chart and involves exposure to firearms, pollution, location, etc. will be better explained on the NiMEDix platform itself.

Your healthcare data will also be worth as much as $1000 on the NiMEDix ecosystem and by participating in the forthcoming Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of the NiMEDix Coin, you can easily obtain your healthcare currency.

Official Website – http://nimedix.io
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/nimedix/
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/nimedix-ecosystem-69140a190/
Twitter – http://twitter.com/nimedixE