Bangkok, Thailand, 27th Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRENot just knowing the customer But respond immediately with Real-time Marketing Automation and many more features.


Combine all customer communication channels in one place with Real-time Marketing that can connect to communicate with customers immediately in all channels that Brand wants.

Audience Segmentation

Segmentation of customers (Audience Segmentation) to do marketing campaigns. Hyper-personalization Able to analyze data deeply into customer behavior insights, helping to create a unique customer experience (Customer Experience) for your special customers.

Customer Journey

Create marketing campaigns with triggers to the right customers. all channels Ready to send SMS, Email Marketing, Push Notification, as well as shooting advertisements via social media such as Line, Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Pantip.

Social Media Connect (Live Chat)

Don’t miss out on every connection of customers. We combine all contact channels of Brand in one place, such as Website, Facebook page, [email protected] , Pantip, especially for admins, making it possible to increase efficiency in responding quickly. Do not open multiple pages


How does Connect X help brands?

  1. Increase Customer Experience that customers will receive)
  2. Increase Brand Loyalty (Brand loyalty and maintain old customer base)
  3. Increase income or profit
  4. Make advertising through different channels consistent in the same direction
  5. Continuing to create marketing campaigns with in-depth information
  6. Reduce working time

Create a good experience Get your customers today with Connect X Marketing Platform with CDP & Marketing Automation.

Connect X is a platform to help businesses avoid digital disruption. It’s time for every business to start connecting seamlessly with the customer experience with the marketing platform that not only has great features, but also Platform Customize (ระบบ CRM) can also be customized to suit different brands. 

Connect X understands to all marketers that choosing a platform is no small matter.

Media Contacts

Company name: Connect X

Address: Bangkok, Thailand 

Email : [email protected]