NYC, 8 Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, In August, EtherRock – one of the oldest non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain – sold a rock for 400 eth ($1.3 million), which led to the rapid spur of many other rock NFT projects. 

While most copy-cat rock projects saw initial success before their decline, one project that has stood the test of time is called EtherPebble. 

EtherPebble is a JPEG of a cartoon Pebble built on the Ethereum blockchain. Only 100 Pebbles will ever exist, and that scarcity has driven up its value.

Since the NFT collection started in late August, it has amassed over $450K in sales volume, with the cheapest Pebble selling for 1.30 ETH ($4,500). Although $4,500 may seem like a lot, Pebble holders believe that the price of these could potentially 200x and reach similar prices to EtherRock. 

So what makes EtherPebble unique from EtherRock? If you ask a member of the “Pebble Beach Community” – the self-dubbed nickname for Pebble holders – they are likely to list the following reasons:

Security and Accessibility: EtherPebble uses secure ERC-1155 contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning there is zero vulnerability. By contrast, NFT community members have uncovered several flaws in the EtherRock contract.

One reason why EtherPebble has been able to ensure security is due to its contract created through OpenSea, the top peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens. OpenSea is home to several blue chip NFT collections, such as CryptoPunk and Bored Ape Yacht Club.  Being listed on the most active NFT marketplace allows for a smoother, risk-free transaction when purchasing a Pebble — a luxury that EtherRock does not have, as it is not on the platform.

Active Development Team + Roadmap: While EtherRock claimed their rocks served no purpose beyond the ability “to be bought and sold”, EtherPebble has taken the approach of the new generation of highly successful NFT projects, with an active roadmap outlining the collection’s future.

EtherPebble’s active development team and roadmap have caught the eyes of several big NFT collectors and celebrities, including NFL star AJ Dillon.

Another Pebble belongs to the highly-renowned crypto investor and NFT collector, Crypto Bitlord who has amassed over 140,000 loyal followers on Twitter. The Bitlord is well known for correctly predicting the rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and has recently launched the first-ever crypto reality TV series, BitFlikz.

With the price steadily rising and big names buying into the collection, EtherPebble is quickly gaining a reputation in the NFT community. Even EtherRock, the project who started all of this, has taken note, acknowledging EtherPebble as its “child” project. 

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