Wonder Media Entertainment Group Launches The First Ever Story-Based Anime NFT Collection

Jeddah, Mecca, Apr 26, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, With hundreds of NFT collections being released every day, it’s hard to find projects that stand out among the others. However, some upcoming projects are able to distinguish themselves because they have a real story to tell. One such innovative collection is from Wonder Media Entertainment Group. They’re working vigorously on a story-based Anime NFT collection that will launch soon, called Kingdom of Pandaria. 

​​Kingdom of Pandaria is a collection of 7,777 Pandarians fighting for their freedom on the Ethereum blockchain. The creators are pouring their passion into this unique project and their goal is to bring their passion for anime and storytelling to the NFT world and build the Kingdom of Pandaria with our holders. For now, it follows the story of two brothers, Gui and Genji who were bonded by birth but were broken by the sword. After the King and Queen’s murder at the hand of their own son Genji, Gui takes over the throne, exiles his own brother from the kingdom, and so the tyrant’s rule begins. The users will also be referred to as Pandarians and they will have to choose a side with the coalition and join the fight towards freedom. 

As an NFT holder in this project, you will be met by many exciting opportunities along the way. Just to name a few: they will release the first single album to all streaming platforms. They’ll donate 10.000$ from the proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund, which they will stream live. Next to that, a limited edition Pandaria merch store for holders will launch. The store will have replica weapons, accessories, collectibles and much more. Five lucky holders will win free merch. But it doesn’t stop there. They’ll create chapters for their official novel, with a new chapter released every month. Future plans also include a DAO formation and release, a full anime series, a metaverse play to earn game, staking, tokenomics and live events.

The Wonder Media Entertainment Group owns an animation studio that is renowned for outstanding 2D and 3D animation, music production, graphic design,… aiding in the creation and fulfillment of the project. They have worked on over 300 projects for over 185 clients. Kingdom of Pandaria is just another one of their awesome initiatives, but this time to enter the NFT space. So join the Coalition and fight against the Syndicate to help free the kingdom and channel your inner Pandarian. 

To learn more about Kingdom of Pandaria, please visit: 

Website : https://kingdomofpandaria.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KOPandaria 

Discord: https://t.co/t72NJtoQ2m 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kopandaria 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSYPIXvcURZLfopvOVlCxgA 

Media Contact:

Kingdom of Pandaria

[email protected]

Published On: April 26, 2022