NY, USA, 29 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The creative team of Saylormoon, which has aimed to bring together those who love sailor moon anime more than a meme coin since its release, released a new announcement the other day. In this published announcement, Javier Cervantes, the lead developer of the team, confirmed that they will create a new ecosystem called Saylorverse and that there will be 2 new projects in this ecosystem. Saying that the main focus of the new tokens will directly support the Saylormoon project, Javier did not specify a precise date when the 2 tokens will be released. However, he stated that the names and tokenomics of the new tokens are ready. Here are 2 new members of the Saylorverse universe; SaylorBnb and SaylorCake

The dev team held an AMA on August 25 to reveal more about SaylorCake. In SaylorCake’s tokenomics; While there is a 10% Cake reward, there is a 4% share for Marketing, 2% for Liquidity, and 2% for SMOON purchases. It is aimed to increase the market value of SaylorMoon by burning the tokens to be purchased automatically with the 2% share allocated for SMOON purchases. The SaylorMoon project, which saw a market value of 35M in Ath, has experienced a 28% increase since Saylorverse was first heard. Although SaylorCake and SaylorBnb tokens have not yet been released, it maybe a smart move to make a profit if people rush to buy SMOON because SMOON token is so cheap right now.

The 2nd AMA, scheduled for the first week of September, aims to provide information about SaylorBnb and its tokenomics. The developer team is trying to make the Saylor universe stronger by implementing SaylorSwap, which it has been working on for a long time, as soon as possible.

SaylorMoon Official Telegram https://t.me/Saylormoon_official

SaylorMoon Website https://saylormoon.army/