London, United Kingdom, 12th May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Investors may be looking for the best stocks to buy in the stock market today as the economy reopens. Last year, the industry suffered a significant setback when the COVID-19 pandemic halted development. However, industrial operations are now on the rebound, thanks to vigorous vaccine programs worldwide.

In recent times, stocks have converted into the subject of publicity. But let’s look at the top three stocks to invest in, as recommended by the broker from Thebpca, showing good patterns.

The financial markets have been thriving, providing traders with more opportunities. However, you may be uncertain what to trade next after some wide and unpredictable swings. Around the same time, you don’t want to be on the outside looking in. And that’s where CFD trading comes in handy! You can go long or short on an asset, enter a spot quickly, and leave soon. You can also implement specific strict risk management techniques to deal with market fluctuations.

We’ll look at three stocks to trade right now that are exhibiting bullish trends. They had a good earnings season last year. We chose them based on analyst forecasts, trade habits, and even social media trends. Let’s get started.

  1. Alphabet (GOOGL)

Aside from some early uncertainty, Alphabet, Google’s parent firm, has had an excellent start to the year. The company’s stock price (GOOGL) has been slowly rising over the last few weeks, and it’s begun to pick up steam as we enter May. What’s behind this surge? The fact that Google made a profit in the fourth quarter indeed helped. They reaffirmed the company’s dominance in digital ads, reflecting that ad sales for the California-based tech giant exceeded $46.20 billion in Q4 2019, up 22% from $37.93 billion in Q4 2019. This is a year when several businesses were dealing with the worldwide pandemic!

GOOGL may be a decent stock to sell this month for various reasons. First, the ad sales could ramp up even more now that the worst of the pandemic has passed. Second, recently, the firm has made significant investments in cloud computing and autonomous vehicles. Third, the diversification has come at a cost, and they’ll be putting in a lot of work in the coming months to ensure it bears fruit. Fourth, Google, rather than most, understands how to diversify its offerings.

  • Tesla (TSLA)

Tesla, Inc. is a name that doesn’t need to be said. Founded in 2003 in California, the American electric car giant also has a stake in the renewable energy industry. Electric vehicles, energy harvesting, solar cells, and solar roof tiles are among the company’s latest offerings. And, in case you didn’t remember, the company’s new CEO is the world’s second-richest man as per Forbes 2021 list.

Tesla stands out from its rivals because of its wide range of products and the way it does business. Given the apparent importance of their product offering, which can only develop in the coming years, investors keep a close eye on the venture.

Tesla’s performance over the last 12 months has been remarkable. TSLA was trading at 171.68 USD this time last year. Today, the company’s stock is trading at USD 816.12, a whopping 375 percent increase.

What does the future hold for TSLA? First, the group already controls about 16% of the BEV industry, which is still encouraging. Even better, analysts predict a significant transition to electric vehicles over the next decade. ACCORDING TO A DELOITTE SURVEY, total EV revenues are expected to rise from 2.5 million in 2020 to 11.2 million in 2025, hitting 31.1 million by 2030. That seems to be positive news for Tesla’s potential profits.

Of course, the future begins right now, and recent news about a new manufacturing plant being built in India should be promising for TSLA traders in the near term.

  • Netflix (NFLX)

Netflix is one of the few businesses that can claim that 2020 was a successful year. People flocked to the video-on-demand provider in droves as they learned how to amuse themselves at home.

The company currently has almost 204 million users in 190 countries, and they have no plans to slow down this year.

The success of NFLX’s stock is closely related to its net subscriber adds. Many had predicted a sluggish fourth quarter, owing to the rollout of vaccination programs. They expected that people would begin canceling subscriptions until they could leave the house. This expectation, it’s fair to say, was far from fulfilled.

The stock output of NFLX is directly proportional to the number of new subscribers it adds. With vaccination programs rolled out and the expectation that people would eventually leave home, many had predicted a sluggish Q4. This expectation, it’s fair to say, did not come true.

Even though rivals are circling overhead, the fact that viewers seem to keep their subscriptions despite the return to normalcy is auspicious for Netflix.

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