London, England, 2 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, All right, the moment you have all been waiting for, the broker from Thebpca talks about the top stocks to buy right now. But, of course, these are not the only stocks that the broker has spoken about; there are many reopening places that you cannot ignore. It would be best if you also were looking at those reopening plays, value plays, discounted grow stocks, especially the mega-cap stocks that you have wanted to own for a long time. So, this list does not include those. But that does not mean that you should ignore those; you should probably focus on more than these stocks.

The broker gives some trade ideas based on what is going on in the charts now. So, let us get right into it.


The stock number one is Bumble. This is one that made a killing on with the call options. However, just looking at the stock itself, you can see that it started trading at $70.00 when it IPO’d, and I believe that its accurate IPO price was $43.00 or $44, currently trading even below that.

Now Bumble did report earnings in the reported surprisingly stellar earnings. They were expected to come in at a loss and beat earnings per share, reporting positive earnings and reported positive earnings well above and beyond what was expected. It was over $2.90 in earnings per share. It looks like it is finding interim support here, it is oversold on the RSI, and the MACD stocks look like it is turning positive once again. So, Bumble is a good stock.

Now, if we look at Tipranks, it will show you all the analysts forecast all of one place, Citigroup, Jefferies, BMO Capital, you see Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley in it and you can look up this stuff for any stock and it will tell you what the ratings from these analysts were and what their price targets were an even on the modest hold targets. So, you will see prices in the $50 range for Bumble, currently trading in the low 40s. But there are not any sell targets here; from this price point, you see either holds or buys and price ranges ranging from a low of $47, which is still 13% more than where the stock is currently trading now, to a high of $77.00 which represents an 85% upside. So anyway, analysts think that Bumble is here for the long term.


UMC, this stock has a ton of value, especially for looking in this semiconductor sector. The chip shortage is likely to be over sooner rather than later. A lot of it was due to the slowdown during the pandemic and the settlement of some of the bottlenecks that the pandemic represented. There is just an army of companies looking to combat this, whether we are talking about Intel Taiwan semiconductor NVIDIA, Qualcomm, UMC, et cetera.

UMC is based out of Taiwan, what it does is operate a semiconductor wafer foundry, so they are looking to combat the chip short. So, there is one of the players; significant players looking to combat the chip shortage. So, if you are looking for an undervalued, long-term semiconductor play and the likes of NVIDIA and A.D seem overvalued right now. There is an undervalued company in UMC. Their growth metrics look stellar across the board. The profit and income continued to grow exponentially. They are a net profitable company, and now they are looking to spend to increase the monthly capacity of wafers finally aggressively.

So, UMC here for a long-term play. These are long-term play, and these do not swing trades. Please do not think that you’re going to buy these and be rich tomorrow.


Coinbase looks to have found support after a Bitcoin, and the rest of the cryptocurrency industry had tanked. However, we see Coinbase have a monster day today, and no, this is not due to Bitcoin’s price rising because Bitcoin is down today. But remember that Coinbase gathers most of its revenues from fees. So, while it is not directly tied to crypto price, when cryptos are doing better, you have more participants in the market, meaning more fees for Coinbase. However, there will be a limit to how much Coinbase will draw it down just due to the cryptocurrency prices alone. So, we now see that Coinbase found support at around the 200 to 10 level, and we are now starting to bounce up.

Analysts think there is an interim price target for Coinbase at the 250 and 260 ranges where it might trade sideways for quite a while. But if you believe in the cryptocurrency markets being a longstanding thing, then Coinbase here is a good buy in an analyst’s view.

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