In the midst of the ongoing outbreak of the new crown disease, the U.S. CDC official website has issued a related announcement on “using cotton masks to slow the spread of the new crown virus. ” And posted a video of cotton masks, encouraging all Americans to make their own. But if the cotton mask practical case, in fact, not only can’t prevent the virus, more likely to become a breeding ground for the virus. In fact, the CDC in encouraging the production of masks, did not tell you, masks really play a role is a “blown-out cloth” protective layer. It’s an effective barrier to the virus, preventing you from getting it, but a cotton mask alone isn’t going to do the trick. In such cases, as the cotton mask is a reusable product, it is more likely that the virus will stay around you for a long time.

What if you need to use a cotton mask and you want to protect yourself? I’m going to tell you the truth right now, and that is to put a filter in the middle of a cotton mask. The filter is made of five layers, the outer two are nonwoven, the inner two are protective melt blown, and the inner one is activated carbon. Can play the role of virus and protection, through this filter can let cotton mask really play the role of virus protection, security. ZOOSK is a professional manufacturer in the field of safety protection. The new product is filter, which can be purchased with cotton mask or separately, and the price is right. Is A cost-effective super-high protection mask products. If there is a need, you can click the link to understand.