UK, 29 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Exzie is the largest gathering of Entertainment Executives in the world. Exzie is a platform that allows creative content owners access funding for their completed creative works, by leasing the copyright to their Music, Movies and/or eBooks for a duration, and at a fee. For the first time, investors and especially fans can get to own a share of creative contents they love. Content owner gets paid, Executives get paid, everyone stays happy.

In the words of Dipo Adagbada, the CEO of Exzie, ‘Exzie ensures transparency, mass distribution of content and communal relationship of all stakeholders inward in putting a creative content together. Exzie makes use of latest technologies such as Blockchain, 5G connectively, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in creating, promoting, and delivering entertainment in a way that has never being imagined. Exzie is dream that is six years old, and our concern has always been about using technology in a fair manner to help the underserved.’

Exzie solves numerous challenges faced by artists. For instance, Exzie makes funding easily accessible to upcoming artists to produce their song or album by giving fans a chance to invest in the work of their favourite artist and share in the royalty from such work. Exzie also eliminates middlemen in the supply chain through direct-to-consumer D2C relationships between creators and their fans thereby increasing the revenue share of the creators. Through its smart contracts blockchain Exzie makes sharing of revenue fairer based on predetermined agreements.

Exzie is the king of NFTs, and this is because it is taking entertainment to heights never imagined and running all of these using the Blockchain framework, alongside latest technologies. As a result of this, ensure you do not miss out in this massive industry take over, by buying Exzie (EXZ) during its private sale and public ICO. EXZ – The Exzie cryptocurrency is one that has the positioning to deliver good returns on investment as it will be getting listed on some of the world’s biggest exchanges.

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