Through Its Partnership with Real Estate Agencies, Hit Rate Solutions Can Provide Them with The Latest Technology to Improve the Customer Service Experience

Hit Rate Solutions wants the customer care services to mainstream automated customer reps for increased business efficiency.

Hit Rate Solutions has a network of trained and qualified personnel skilled at addressing customer queries efficiently. The team assures a provision of the right number of reps and 24/7 rep availability.

Bacolod, Philippines, 8th August 2022, ZEXPRWIREThe world is fast aiming for a business model that offers maximum scalability and works to redeem existing business models. A new business world is unimaginable without automation. Even when it works best partnered with human labor, the technology works to improve workflow, streamline services and reduce exceptional labor costs.

Automation in customer service experience means talking to a virtual bot over the internet. The sudden abundance of simulated chat services and automated emails work towards automating customer services. Automation helps businesses address customer queries, reduce caller waiting queues and run an error-free marketing service.

Philippines-based Hit Rate Solutions has fully embraced the new automation model and is keen on providing real estate agencies with its virtual customer care services. The call center service facilitates lead generation operations and data entry and management measures for real estate agencies. Its virtual assistants and virtual receptionists both are committed to providing the ideal latest tech customer care.

It’ll be delusional if we continue to rely on the age-old customer care models. We believe in training our call center staff according to the business’s current needs. Real estate agencies need the latest tech system to manage their customer influx and to retain them as well”, a representative commented.

They added, “We believe customer service automation at Hit Rate is exemplary for growing real estate agencies. The service streamlines projects for top agents and optimizes many marketing and advertising tasks.”

Apart from its tried and tested virtual assistant and virtual receptionist services, the technical support service also provides inbound and outbound calling facilities to all of its businesses. Hit Rate Solutions needs to be credited for its easy-to-manage call rep setup, which is highly affordable for medium-scaled enterprises.

With its global offices in the Philippines and Wyoming, the service has rep work round the clock for its B2B and B2C businesses.

About the Company

Hit Rate Solutions is a call center outsourcing company with offices in the UK, US, and Canada. The service offers telemarketing services, including automated assistants for data entry and lead generation.

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Published On: August 8, 2022