Through The Development Of Community Centres In More Than 1000 Locations Worldwide, Nftown Is Bringing The Metaverse To Life

nftown is opening centers all around the globe to promote local talent and foster the development of the web3 ecosystem.

Prague, Czech Republic, 7th July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Nftown is establishing community centers throughout the world to showcase local artists and grow the web3 community. Their goal is to deepen community relationships by creating real-world sites where web3 locals can interact, network, and assist one another regarding NFTs and web3. The owner of the NFT can expect future AR benefits associated with the specific locations as well as a share in the forthcoming local market.

As a result of the input and ideas of an active user base, companies such as nftown are able to refine and improve their products, develop new ones in response to user requests, and bring more people onto Web3. The blockchain technology that underpins Web3 also incorporates a concept of communal effort.  All in all, web3 was community-oriented, community-focused, and in many respects, community-run. So, setting up community centers will surely prove to be fruitful in terms of engaging a wider audience. 

Places are a fundamental component of their system, and their NFT collection represents ownership of a portion of those places. Virtual “Places” feature famous landmarks from all over the world. The “landlords” of each location will determine how they promote and uncover fresh local talent, host events, and otherwise assist the local community. These locations are crucial to the augmented reality experience that nftown plans to offer in the future.

Landlords are active people in the community who carry a place NFT. They will have their own space and work together to run their place. This way, the possibility of attaining their goals and achieving their ambitions increases, even if other landlords aren’t willing to help them. To become a landlord they’re releasing a new weekly game to get people all across the world connected to one another. Two free places NFT Mints will be given to the first five people at the specified location who submit a video containing the Proof of Place code. Place NFT holders will have a stake in their forthcoming Local marketplaces, which will provide a voice to/platform for local creative communities. 

Nftown’s main mission is a community-run project owned by NFT shareholders. nftown shares NFTs represents a stake at nftown, where the community governs the company and benefits from its growth. Active participation in the governance of nftown is rewarded on the dynamic NFT shares with enhanced rewards and increased decision-making power.

About nftown 

For the last quarter of a century, nftown has been laying the groundwork for the world we now inhabit. As Radek Sukala, founder of nftown, says: “We bring our expertise to develop the infrastructure for internet and mobile banking for some of the largest financial institutions in Europe at the onset of the mobile era into Web3”. They have over 25 years of experience in development in both Web1 and Web2 on a wide scale, in addition to their expertise in blockchain wallet security management. The second founder at nftown is Tomas Topinka, experienced in building software systems for energy and air-traffic industries to app development and has considerable expertise in leading large teams to deliver innovative projects at scale. 

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Published On: July 7, 2022