Gurgaon, Haryana, 30 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is expanding at a breakneck speed. It can completely transform the commercial world and has simplified the processing of unstructured information. NLP has a wide range of applications and is influencing and bringing value to countless lives. However, NLP practitioners studying from the best artificial intelligence course confront the challenge of keeping up with the rapid developments in this discipline. It’s difficult to keep track of the constant changes and improvements in this profession because there’s so much more going on throughout the world.

The easiest and most practical method is just to follow those who are already professionals in this field. Following these individuals will help you learn new things, broaden your viewpoint on numerous issues, and keep you up to date on current events. You’ll also learn about domain expert’s best practices, which can help you become better at NLP.

Keep in mind that while following others is crucial, learning NLP through the top artificial intelligence courses or AI specialist training comes first.

We’ve compiled a list of folks you should be following in the area of NLP in this post.

Let’s get started-

  • Christopher Manning

Professor of Computer Science and Linguistics at Stanford, Christopher Manning, is the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Director. Manning is a pioneer in Natural Language Processing, including research on the GloVe model, neural text mining, sentiment classification, QA bots, neural net dependency parsing, and deep language comprehension.

  • Abhishek Thakur

Abhishek Thakur is the world’s first 4x Grandmaster at Kaggle. He has a lot of threads on various platforms dedicated to Natural Language Processing techniques and topics. He is very active on his social media handles and regularly shares videos about NLP and other data science topics. 

  • Susan Li

Susan Li is a professional author with over 20k active followers on several blogging sites. For years, she has authored wonderfully produced papers on a variety of data science issues, most notably NLP. If you enjoy reading articles, she is the one you should follow. In addition, she has an exceptional ability to explain difficult concepts in Natural Language Processing in the most straightforward manner imaginable. Aside from that, she is presently employed with the Kognitiv Corporation as a Senior Data Scientist.

  • Dan Jurafsky

Dan Jurafsky is a Linguistics Professor and Chair, as well as a Computer Science Professor at Stanford University. He is best recognized for creating the first automated Semantic Role Labeling system. In addition, Dan works on Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Computational Linguistics, and Computational Social Science projects.

  • Rachel Thomas

If you’ve been working in the field of NLP for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard of her. Rachel Thomas is a software engineer and the head of the University of San Francisco’s Center for Applied Data Ethics. She is also a co-founder of the startup- In addition, she is a well-known Natural Language Processing educator who is noted for her ability to teach complicated concepts. Furthermore, she holds the position in Forbes’ list of “20 Incredible Women in AI.”

  • Sebastian Ruder

Sebastian Ruder works at DeepMind as a Researcher. He works in the fields of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning (ML) as a scientist. He’s an active blogger who writes on NLP and ML regularly. Furthermore, he also publishes a weekly with the most up-to-date news, resources, articles, and other information from the field of Natural Language Processing. Not only that, but he’s also interested in transfer learning for NLP and making machine learning and natural language processing more approachable.

  • Thomas Wolf

Hugging Face’s CoFounder and Chief Science Officer (CSO) is Thomas Wolf. He is a pioneer in the fields of natural language generation and comprehension. In addition, he’s a blogger that covers topics like Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. Apart from that, he has several repositories on GitHub that have received thousands of contributions and stars.

  • Rachael Tatman

She is a well-known video broadcasting developer that broadcasts live coding on Twitch daily. The nicest thing about live programming is that you get to see how a person tackles an issue, executes the code, and answers it. Rachael Tatman is also a Senior Developer at RASA as well as a Grandmaster at Kaggle. She formerly worked at Kaggle as a data scientist. She is a Computer Sociolinguistics Ph.D. holder.

  • Ilya Sutskever

He is credited with inventing sequence-to-sequence learning. Ilya Sutskever is the Chief Scientist and CoFounder of OpenAI. Before that, he worked at Google Brain as a Research Scientist. His achievements, however, are not confined to this. AlexNet, AlphaGO, and TensorFlow are all co-invented by him; these libraries are must-know for NLP. Thus, anyone involved in the topic of Data Science, not simply NLP, should pay attention to him.

  • Edward Ma

Edward Ma is an excellent author who routinely publishes pieces on Natural Language Processing news and themes. Edward is currently employed as a research scientist at OOCL. If you enjoy reading NLP articles and want to remain up to speed on the latest research in the area, you should follow him.


To recap, we presented 10 professionals in NLP who you should follow in this post. They are an encouragement to everyone interested in pursuing a career in this industry.


  • The Best Source to read about the latest happenings in NLP?

Ans. Twitter and LinkedIn are the best sources for learning about the latest updates and news related to NLP.

  • Where to find a research paper on NLP?

Ans. Google Scholar is the best source for finding every paper on NLP, including papers written by the above NLP researchers.

  • Where to find NLP datasets?

Ans. Kaggle has numerous free datasets to choose from. 

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