London, UK, 4th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIREThe stock market in October 2021 has been down 10%. It is expected to be down another 3% more in November 2021. The S&P 500 has lost some of its momentum.

Tower-Bridge broker says, Blue chip stocks, which are considered the best stocks to buy now, tend to pay dividends and have higher stability than other stocks on the market. These large-cap companies also show strong growth potential due to their widespread market reach. Here are our top three blue chips that you should get into now while they’re still at low prices:

BA – Boeing Co (Industrials)- Yield: 2.18% – This aerospace company dominates 70% of the commercial aircraft space and constitutes about 80% of the industry’s value. BA is set for rapid growth with an order backlog valued $440 billion (USD).

MCD – McDonald’s Corp (Consumer Discretionary) Yield: 3.64% – The flagship brand in this sector, MCD has a dominant market share at 15% in fast food and brings home 36% in operating income. In 2021, analysts project that this will continue to grow its revenue by 6%.

GE – General Electric Company (Industrials)- Yield: 5.22%- With over 100 years of experience in the market, GE has become a world leader in medical equipment, energy infrastructure, aircraft engines and power generation. 2020 has been difficult for shareholders of GE but analysts predict that there will be significant growth moving forward.

CSCO – Cisco Systems Inc (Information Technology)- Yield: 3.75%- This company is one of the top players in IT hardware, software and services worldwide. It also holds about 66% of the market share for routers worldwide. CSCO’s strong sales growth rate of 11% signals positive things to come for 2021.

IBM – International Business Machines Corp (Industrials)- Yield: 4.92%- IBM went through tough times recently but still remains an industry leader with its mainframe computers. IBM’s operating margins are above 50% and analysts predict that this will remain stable or increase.

UiPath Inc (Software)- Yield: N/A- This is a hot stock that has a lot of room to grow. Uipath’s revenue growth from 2017 to 2018 was more than 400%. Compare this with the company’s closest competitor, Automation Anywhere which only showed an increase of 33% in the same time period.

RPA is the future of work, and UiPath has a leading role in its development. The company’s software enables organizations to automate data entry or repetitive tasks that would otherwise be manual with an increase efficiency for businesses while also reducing costs by not having employees doing these things over again! Roles played are increased creativity & innovation on one hand along side reduced labor hours spent at task completion times which means better productivity overall as well as happier staff members who can focus their energies elsewhere than being stuck behind computer screens all day long..

Intel Corp (Information Technology) – Yield: 2.12%- Intel is a global leader in computing and communication platforms and develops 80% of the world’s microprocessors for computers and servers based on x86 architecture. The company also offers two products for data center communications: Xeon processors and Optane memory solutions.

SMG – Scotts Miracle Grow Co (Consumer Staples)- Yield: 1.58%- A leader in the gardening supplies market, SMG has an established role within its industry with a total of 30% market share in potting soils and growing media. It also owns Miracle-Gro which is the number one plant food brand in the world

DIS – Walt Disney Co (Consumer Discretionary)- Yield: 3.11%- This entertainment company is one of the most recognizable names on earth with popular brands including ABC, ESPN, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, Pixar, Star Wars and The Walt Disney Studios among many others! Shares rose about 20% after earnings were announced and analysts see good things ahead for 2021

NKE – Nike Inc (Consumer Discretionary) Yield: 1.96%- Famous for its athletic shoe line, Nike has achieved tremendous growth in the US footwear market. The company also holds dominant positions in sports apparel, shoes and equipment which are all expected to show double-digit revenue growth in the coming years.

AAPL – Apple Inc (Consumer Staples) Yield: 1.18%- A leader in consumer electronics with top brands including iPhone, iPad and Mac computers to name a few. iPhone remains one of the largest growth drivers for this company in the markets where it’s available so analysts predict that AAPL will continue to grow its sales by 6% annually through 2021

DISCA – Discovery Communications Inc (Consumer Discretionary)- Yield: N/A- This Company operates nearly 200 TV networks with 20 brands in categories such as entertainment, education, kids & family, lifestyle, sports, news & information.

XOM – Exxon Mobil Corporation (Energy) Yield: 3.11%- XOM is one of the world’s largest publicly traded petroleum and natural gas companies with leading operations in the US and across the world. It also holds number one or number two positions in more than 50 products sold around the world! The company has proven reserves of almost 24 billion oil-equivalent barrels which are expected to last for decades even at current rates of production.

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