Tower-Bridge Broker Says Invest In Companies That Have Been Undervalued For A While And Will Increase Their Value As Investors Become More Aware

London, UK, 5th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIREThe stock market in 2022 is going to be a hell of a ride.

Tower-Bridge broker says with the market being at an all-time high, it may be time to find some great values. One way of doing this is by investing in companies that have been undervalued for a while and will only increase their value as investors become more aware of them or they release news about new products coming up soon which means there’s potential growth ahead! 

Investors should consider adding these five gems onto their portfolios today:

1. Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE: NAVB) is a $50M market cap company that’s launch its first drug in December 2018 called Lymphoseek which is used as an aid for lymphatic mapping and can be used for staging and treatment planning of cancer patients. The drug has already been approved by the FDA and is currently under distribution agreements with Cardinal Health (NYSE: CAH) and AmerisourceBergen (NYSE:ABC). 

This company also announced at the end of September that it sold right to distribute Lymphoseek to Baxalta (NYSE: BXLT), which was spun-off from Baxter International (NYSE: BAX) in July of 2015. The deal with Baxalta is believed to increase the revenue for Lymphoseek by $35M and is expected to add substantial value for shareholders.

NAVB has a current market capitalization of only $50M while companies like Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY) and Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE: BMY) are trading at over $200B each! Considering the fact that Navidea has such a small market cap, it’ll explode once they launch their drug in December. This company offers investors an absolute steal on the price, especially when you consider its real potential for growth after Lymphoseek gets released on the market. As well as this could be the next big thing on Wall Street. This is definitely a stock to keep your eyes on!

2. Dermira, Inc. (NASDAQ:DERM) is a $100M market cap company that’s currently developing an acne product that works by reducing the size of oil glands which helps decrease breakout formation.

Another reason this is another buy for investors is because of its major partner Novartis (NYSE: NVS). Dermira has developed its technology with the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), has been patented by Novartis and is currently used in their home hair removal devices for the face such as the DiVa. The company also has a marketing deal with Novartis on its MiraDry product which makes them an integral part of Dermira’s revenue growth.

The employees at Dermira are very excited about this product because it could significantly increase shareholder value! And so should investors be since even though it’s only priced at $100M, Dermira will likely grow into a major pharmaceutical company once they release MiraDry and remove any doubt that Intense Pulsed Light works for skin treatments. If you’re looking to purchase some quality stocks for your portfolio, then adding this one would definitely be a wise choice.

3. Sarepta Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SRPT) is a $2B market cap company that has been struggling to get its DMD drug called eteplirsen approved by the FDA. This drug works on patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy who have genetic mutations which make them unable to produce dystrophin, therefore causing their muscles to breakdown.

The fact that there aren’t any treatments for this disease makes SRPT an exciting opportunity! Patients are forced to use steroids just so they’re able to breath and require at least two people for daily living activities. SRPT’s drug could be the only way these people are cured. The drug works in 13% of all cases where it allows the patients to produce a form of dystrophin.

It was announced at the end of August by CEO Doug Ingram that SRPT has begun patient enrollment in the second part of their study called “Translarna Observational Sustainability Study (TOSS)”. The results from this study will be released in early 2017, which could make SRPT skyrocket since it’s an extremely valuable asset for shareholders! The company is also working on another drug called golodirsen and has tested this on over 50 patients suffering from DMD. If all goes well, then we might see this come to market in 2022 and help increase shareholder value.

4. Cara Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CARA) is a $300M market cap company that’s developing treatments for pain. Its product is called CR845 which works on the mu-opioid receptor to treat acute and chronic pain where other drugs have failed.

It was announced recently by CEO, Kevin Gorman that he will be discussing “positive top-line results” from the pivotal study of its intravenous formulation of CR845 at an upcoming conference. This could definitely push CARA higher since it shows management is constantly working towards releasing a successful drug onto the market! The good news doesn’t stop there because if all goes well, then Cara will also start their second pivotal study in Q1 2018, which means that it might come to fruition by 2022.

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Published On: February 5, 2022