TradeTheBit Reports – A Marijuana Stock Worth Your Attention Owing To Its Promising Position

(Via ZEX PR WIRE) We understand the fact that Marijuana is a huge “No” according to laws in several countries but this cannot put an end to all the good it brings to humankind. In more than half of the places in the United States, Marijuana friendly laws have been put forth to ensure full use of its medical goodness. A whole lot of other countries are also in the bill drafting procedure to legalize it. 

TradeTheBit broker, Mr. Nathan Green says that keeping under consideration the approach of Mr Joe Biden and a general global trend to legalize medicinal Marijuana can be a game-changer for marijuana stockholders. 

Ever since Coronavirus appeared we saw a sudden surge in healthcare stocks. This was primarily because of a sharp rise in the amount of diagnostic and therapeutic products being sold. A year has gone by and we have seen stocks reach unprecedented heights, go down and bounce back. We are well aware of the ever-growing uncertainty and volatility prevalent in the market. Investors are in a constant state of confusion. Amid this, havoc, how about directing some of your attention towards Marijuana. 

What you should know about Marijuana

Marijuana or Cannabis is a very important tool in the medicinal industry to date. Actually, it is a psychoactive drug that comes from different parts of the hemp or Cannabis sativa plant such as its leaves, seeds, stems, dried flowers and seeds. The pleasurable effect that it leaves after consumption is what makes it fit for pain relief and recreational purposes. There are various ways it is consumed all around the globe, such as brewing it as tea, eating it in the form of candies and brownies, vaping, smoking, and capsules. 

The Increasing Demand In The Medical World

There are a large number of medical uses which encourage not only the consumption but also the growth of Marijuana. Physicians and doctors all around the globe say that it is particularly helpful in treating medical situations that involve chronic pain, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, some of the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Tourette’s Syndrome, and inflammation. Consumers report an immediate feeling of relaxation, enhanced appetite, elation, and an urge to talk more. Although there are certain risks associated with its use such as memory loss, impaired immune system, memory loss, etc. but usually a dose under medical supervision is too well regulated for the appearance of pronounced systems. 

Sudden Marijuana Stocks Relevance

It is eminent that the marijuana stocks have fallen a little below their February high but they seem to get back on track after the measure of New York state to legalize it. This step can lead to the emergence of the East Coast as one of the huge weed markets. Other states such as Virginia are all set to hop on the bandwagon. Not to forget Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ acquisition of the cannabis-derived-drugs-making company, GW Pharmaceuticals. All these measures are serving as a pressure on the neighbouring states and other countries to go for similar measures. 

Let’s have a look at one of the most promising marijuana stocks.

AYR Wellness

AYR Wellness is a United States-based company that was founded in the year 2017. This company goes around serving the customers through top quality cannabis, derived from well cultivated and healthy growing plants. They deal in all processes related to marijuana sale from cultivation and extraction to distribution and retailing of marijuana products. 

Currently, the market cap of the company is around $1.2 billion reflecting the stable position that the company holds in the open market. By the year 2022 is reached, it is expected that the company will make a total revenue of $725 million. By 2020 ended the revenue of the fourth quarter was raised by 48%. Keeping under consideration this performance and the fact that they are market leaders in Nevada and Massachusetts it can be said that these targets are achievable for the firm.

Also, the fact that the company is actively investing to expand the business marks it promising. To have a look at the expansion progress, let me tell you that the “aggressive” spending on the cause at the end of last year worked out. At the start of last year, it was 2 state MSO and by the beginning of this year, it was 7 state. The company’s plan to add 5 new places to the expansion venture might prove to be a green signal for soaring stocks.  Not to forget that all this progress was being done while the pandemic continued causing immense destructions and the competitors were running low. 

Mr Green thinks that healthcare sector stocks have more than just the pandemic-famous stocks such as those of biotech companies. If the world continues to alter the legal landscape for marijuana then there is a high probability the worth of AYR Wellness and other such stocks go skyrocketing. 

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Published On: April 13, 2021