London, UK, 3rd August 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Broker from TrueNorthBit, Albert Goldman wrote this article that aims to help traders and investors make informed decisions when choosing the crypto coins they should own.
There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration such as market capitalization, current trends, and ROI (Return on Investment) potential and future developments, among others. The information provided in this report is not financial advice.

  1. Waves (Symbol: WAVES) – Market Capitalization $288,276,420 USD
    Current price per coin: $2.39 USD
    ROI since ICO: 7920%
    Circulating Supply: 100,000,000 WAVES Total Supply: 100,000,000
    The Waves platform aims to be the decentralized exchange that will allow transfer of fiat and crypto currencies. The added incentive for users is that there are fees which can be earned through secure leasing of their Waves’ balance, as well as a referral system for new entrants into the Waves network. With these incentives in place, it means traders can earn fees for simply holding their Waves’ balance.
    Known for its use of Scala, a programming language that supports functional programming and a wide range of applications such as: distributed applications, web application back ends and high-performance servers, the Waves Blockchain will provide users with swift speed and scalability for everyday transfers.
    Waves is also partnered with Microsoft Azure, with its decentralized blockchain becoming the first ever to be placed on Azure. This partnership came about as a result of Waves’ deep collaboration with the Russian National Settlement Depository (NSD), which is a member of the Moscow Stock Exchange.
  2. Litecoin (Symbol: LTC) – Market Capitalization $6,613,199,720 USD
    Current price per coin: $118.44 USD
    ROI since ICO: 7970%
    Circulating Supply: 55,934,212 LTC Total Supply: 84,000,000 LTC
    Litecoin has often been said to be the “silver” to Bitcoin’s “gold” due to its similarities with Bitcoin but more efficient and faster processing speeds.
    What makes Litecoin unique is that the speed transaction validation takes in this crypto coin is 2.5 minutes, opposed to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes. Its trading volume per day has also increased significantly as compared to Ethereum, which is surprising considering their similar market capitalization.
  3. Monero (Symbol: XMR) – Market Capitalization $4,409,100,265 USD
    Current price per coin: $52.12 USD
    ROI since ICO: 12854%
    Circulating Supply: 15,571,117 XMR Total Supply: 18,400,000 XMR
    Monero allows users to transact privately and ensure the validity of their transactions. For example, Sam wants to send his friend Jane a sum of money. If that transaction is recorded on a public ledger it would be visible by everyone in the public network, including Sam’s bank or central authority (like the Federal Reserve). With Monero, Sam can send Jane money entirely anonymously.
    Monero has been gaining traction rapidly, which was expected with cryptocurrencies integrating itself into more and more industries. Speculators are also taking note of the rise of Monero as it continues its steady climb in price growth.
  4. Ethereum (Symbol: ETH) – Market Capitalization $27,057,457,839 USD
    Current price per coin: $283.33 USD
    ROI since ICO: 8782%
    Circulating Supply: 96,072,359 ETH Total Supply: 99,792,862 ETH
    Ethereum has a unique blockchain architecture that makes it easy for someone to develop decentralized applications. This blockchain is known as the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which runs on what is called ‘smart contracts’ or computer programs that allow for a person to exchange money, property or anything of value in a transparent and secure manner.
    With such implications of Ethereum’s platform, it comes to no surprise why big banks are beginning to see the potential of this crypto coin and how it can be applied to their services.
  5. Bitcoin (Symbol: BTC) – Market Capitalization $112,074,014,858 USD
    Current price per coin: $7347.49 USD
    ROI since ICO: 5512%
    Circulating Supply: 16,679,730 BTC Total Supply: 21,000,000 BTC
    Bitcoin has a growing economy with over 100,000 merchants and vendors that accept Bitcoin as payment and even some ATMs. Additionally, the number of industries adopting Bitcoin by integrating it into their businesses is also growing steadily. The likes of Microsoft have adopted Bitcoin payments to buy apps on Windows Store and Xbox websites.
    Hundreds of smaller companies are adopting Bitcoin as a payment method to allow international trade. The infrastructure supporting Bitcoin’s growth and usage is also increasing, with various incubators incorporating the coin into their business models.
    Bitcoin was one of the first crypto currencies ever introduced, making it highly reputable and trustworthy as well as its popularity in mainstream news. It also has the highest ROI amongst cryptocurrencies, showing the greatest growth in investment.
  6. Dash (Symbol: DASH) – Market Capitalization $3,538,028,595 USD
    Current price per coin: $367.04 USD
    ROI since ICO: 3947%
    Circulating Supply: 7,844,155 DASH Total Supply: 8,333,000 DASH
    Dash has integrated itself with a number of large merchants that deal in different industries. It also offers instant transactions as opposed to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes or even Ethereum’s 2 minutes. These qualities make Dash a superior alternative to Bitcoin and other altcoins.
  7. Stellar (Symbol: XLM) – Market Capitalization $2,912,130,075 USD
    Current price per coin: $0.240702 USD
    ROI since ICO: 6926%
    Circulating Supply: 18,821,290,274 XLM Total Supply: 103,885,429 XLM
    Stellar has partnered with IBM to implement Stellar in their banking processing system for cross-border transactions. This enables money transfer and currency exchange all at once, reducing the costs and providing an internal auditing process.
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