Miami, US, 2nd June 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Tweet is PRS (aka Prince Raphael Shawan) is a visionary and revolutionary “HIGHVIBE” artist who’s worked in the music industry for more than two decades. He has fans worldwide who know him as “Tweet,” a founding member of the multi-platinum trio NEXT. He is also a transformational trainer who has assisted millions of people in remembering their true value and purpose in life.

He is responsible for some of R&B’s more memorable hits, including the chart-topping singles “Wifey,” “Butta Love,” “I Still Love You,” and “Too Close.” His advice to anyone who is interested in being in the music industry is, always stay true to yourself, your vision, and your morals, at all costs. He also recommends you always remember the original reason why you do what you do and to make sure you’re adding value to yourself first, then think of others. 

This way what you offer will always be top quality. To anyone who wants to be in the inspirational healing industry, he tells them to keep an open mind and follow their heart because it knows the way. Help as many people as you can, remember we’re all made on purpose, for a purpose, so we should live with purpose.

His biggest purpose and passion is to use who he is to help others remember who they are. We are all amazing. He loves to see people shine and he is committed to being happy. 

He is also a high-vibe (high vibrational) mindset artist, and music and good energy are his drugs of choice. 

Tweet in PRS has learned that the most successful people are not focused on money. He noticed that most successful people are focused on fulfilling the needs of the masses with a solution they create for a popular problem. So focus on giving not taking—the money will take care of itself. 

His long-term vision is to travel the world and go to all the most beautiful sacred places with his wife and meditate, while the formulas and music he’s created are helping billions of people worldwide, for generations and generations to come. 

The most life-changing moment of his career came in 2020 when he thought it would be taken away. Having that feeling of uncertainty made him grateful for the blessing that is his life, and the infinite gratitude he feels for being his own boss since the age of 17.

To learn more about him, head to his Instagram @tweetfromnext

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