London, UK, 17 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, We all would agree that the stock market has always been one of the riskiest places in the entire trading industry. The pandemic fueled the already rising uncertainty and that was when the traders were rushing here and there seeking help. In such a time one of the best approaches is to go for stocks that have been doing well before and during the Pandemic because these stocks can make the amount of risk associated even less. 

Not a lot of stocks have managed to combat all the hardships that came their way but keeping in mind the current situation, UMarketz analysts have picked up two stocks for you that you can buy if you want to save yourselves from the increasing risk these days. Let’s have a look at what stocks we have picked and what makes them look promising. 

Coca Cola

Think of cold drinks and the first name that comes to your mind is Coca Cola. Coca Cola is one of the few soft drink companies that have such a wide network of distribution and that have run such massive yet innovative marketing campaigns the soft drink company is based in the United States and was introduced in the year 1886. The multinational beverage company is one of the most famous beverage brands all around the world. In 1886, when it first came to the market, Dr John S. Pemberton, who was a pharmacist by profession, created a syrup and named it Coca Cola. He made a hug full of the product and went down the streets of Atlanta to sell it to Jacob’s pharmacy. Little did he know that he was taking steps towards establishing a company that would become the world leader in the beverage industry. The company does not only manufacture, but also retails and markets non-alcoholic syrups. The size of the firm can be estimated from the fact that they are the world’s largest producers of plastic waste. In the year 2019, the firm had a total number of employees of 86,200, a revenue worth 37,266  billion US dollars and a net income worth 8,920 billion US dollars. The firm offers more than 500 brands in more than 200 territories and countries. 

In the year 2019, the company did well despite the pandemic restrictions. All of us were forced to stay at home and no one was going out to restaurants, stadiums and other public places which led to a decline in the performance but even since the vaccine has rolled out, the company has taken up the pace back. The brighter side is that the firm did great despite the turbulent phase. It is not only the consistency of the company’s performance or the stock only, we have also seen that this company does well irrespective of the economic condition of the country. While in the pandemic, the firm did not lose the motivation, in fact, they worked on their systems and improved their digital capabilities significantly. In the last few days, the stock of the company has gone up by 4% and the experts believe that it is bound to go up more because the firm has many plans for the future. 

American Water Works

American Water Works is the next company on our list. The firm is basically a public utility company that was founded in the year 1886. Previously it was named The American Water Works & Guarantee Company. The firm is headquartered in Camden, New Jersey, America and currently it operates in two countries: Canada and the United States. In the year 2019, the firm had more than 7000 employees working to provide us with quality services. American Water Works, works to provide the consumers with facilities like sewer line protection, water heater protection, power surge protection, electric line protection, in-home plumbing emergency program and cooling system protection. Americans have been trusting the firm for its high-quality service for 125 years now and this can be seen from the provided statistics. The firm tries to serve as many sections of the society as it can and that is why its clientele includes many industries, residential customers, commercial users, etc. 

The history of the company and the stock has been great and this marks it favourite for many investors who like to look for stocks that have little risks associated with them. Over the period of the last 5 years, the company has given its shareholders a dividend growth rate of around 10%. With the economic reopening and the business coming back on track this firm is ready to serve more clients and make more revenue. Experts think that American Water Works holds the potential to bring you good returns on the investment in the time to come. 

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