Unlocking Health and Wealth: BLiV Pioneers Preventive Healthcare Revolution in the Crypto Hub of the World

Dubai, 8th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, In a world where prevention outweighs cure, BLiV emerges as a game-changer. Harnessing the prowess of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this integrated platform revolutionizes health tracking through a mere face scan with a smart phone front camera, replacing traditional medical advisors covering more than 25 different health parameters up to 99% accuracy. The innovation doesn’t stop there – BLiV rewards users in cryptocurrency through its “Live2Earn” model.

Meet BLiV.io, the Web3 Live2Earn AI-Powered Preventive Healthcare platform crafted by the visionary minds at GoObat Pharma. BLiV reshapes preventive healthcare by focusing on crucial lifestyle aspects, fostering proactive health measures. By embracing this paradigm, users can mitigate health risks and dramatically reduce costly medical interventions.

A Healthier Future

BLiV.io press conference in Kuala Lumpur unveiled the pre-launch of BLiV.io, a gathering graced by esteemed guests, including media, VIPs, and diplomats from around the world. The substantial turnout underscores the global importance of this initiative.

In a quest for wellness, BLiV offers an innovative path. It simplifies the estimation of vital signs and risk predictions for chronic diseases, rendering a healthier lifestyle more accessible. BLiV champions preventive healthcare, emphasizing lifestyle enrichment, substantial healthcare savings, financial equality, and timely intervention.

Gaming for Wellness

Integrating DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi, BLiV introduces a gamified experience, rewarding users with tokens and enhanced dynamic gamification for their dedication to a health-conscious lifestyle. This interactive journey invites users and partnered brands into the realm of digitalisation, offering passive income opportunities and engaging avatar development through platform interactions and events.

Live2Earn Philosophy

Through the “Live2Earn” model, BLiV champions financial inclusivity and user empowerment, cultivating income avenues in a decentralized digital economy. This blockchain-driven Live-2-Earn model lets users reap rewards by actively engaging in healthy living. BLiV pioneers a ReFi protocol, revitalizing economies sustainably and promoting community well-being.

Seamless Integration and Innovation

BLiV seamlessly merges with the PayWong crypto payment gateway, rendering $BLiV usable for purchases at PayWong-accepting merchants.

Join BLiV Today

So, how does BLiV work? It begins with AI-based Health Screening via smartphone – a hassle-free process revealing vital health information. BLiV’s FaceScan tool estimates vital signs and timely risk assessments for chronic conditions, empowering users to monitor their health proactively. By engaging in daily check-ins and various activities, users can monetize their well-being. After successfully completing its Alpha Testing phase in October, BLiV gears up for Beta Testing. The full launch is just months away, with over 10,000 people already whitelisted to join the ecosystem. Join the community at www.bliv.io for early adopter benefits. 

Pre-sale of $BLiV is live now! Visit https://presale.bliv.io to get your tokens today!

Discover the Future of Health and Rewards with BLiV, Licensed as Web3 operator in UAE – the Crypto Hub of the World.

To know more about BLiV, visit https://www.bliv.io

Published On: November 9, 2023