Unlocking Success: Antonius van de Kerkhof’s Guide to Constant Improvement

Melbourne, Australia, 10th July 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, As a seasoned entrepreneur and finance strategist, Antonius van de Kerkhof, also known as Tony, has learnt more from his experiences than he ever could from books in school. Below, he shares some of that knowledge and provides a few helpful tips based on his own journey. 

From leaving home at a young age to being a director of 2x broker businesses guiding 16 people, is a testament to the transformative power of continuous improvement. But how can we achieve continuous improvement? 

Read on for Tony’s tips to further not only your personal development but also your financial success and business growth. 

How to Achieve Constant Improvement: 3 Powerful Tips

  • Embrace a Culture of Improvement

My whole life I never really felt good enough. What came from a place of insecurity and insufficiency developed into a sense of fulfillment, falling in love with the journey of becoming better than I was the week or month before. My life’s been a roller coaster, from becoming a dad at the age of 22 to climbing the corporate ladder, moving to self-employed, and now being a business owner. This ride has shaped my belief that improvement is a constant process applicable to all aspects of life. Adopting this mindset forms the foundation for success on a personal, financial, and business level.

  • Challenge the Fixed Mindset

I absolutely dispute the notion that individuals are born with fixed strengths and weaknesses. People, as they get older, develop a fear of failure, self-imposing a barrier that hinders their own growth. As toddlers, we never think twice that just because we can crawl, this doesn’t mean we can’t walk. I cannot urge people enough to embrace learning without fear of judgment as adults. Every skill deemed out of reach can be acquired through hard work and practice. Never before has so much learning been at our fingertips (Youtube/TikTok) that the only real barrier to change is within us. It’s the theme of my whole book!

  • Learn from Failure and Embrace It

Failure is an inevitable part of the improvement journey. As Henry Ford said, “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” Rather than seeing failure as a setback, see it as finding another way of not doing something. Write down what you learned and it’s not a failure it’s a lesson. It’s important to learn from failures, adapt, and persevere. Motivation ebbs and flows, and usually disappears during the lessons failure teaches us, but when we see it for what it is and throw in some discipline, we can stay on track to live the life we want to smile about when we’re old.

How Antonius Serves High-Net-Worth Individuals and the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Tony is currently working on a book that encapsulates the fundamental pillars of personal development. The book serves as a practical guide, offering a “How To” section after each main point. This structure empowers individuals to take actionable steps toward developing essential skills, making self-improvement accessible for those unsure of where to begin.

Teaming up with Luke (his business partner of almost 8 years), Tony runs the Finance Strategist program, a revolutionary approach to financial improvement. Their methods, unlike traditional brokers, focus on proper and clever use of finance. “Anytime you’ve seen someone in the news that has 5-10+ properties, it’s usually the methods we describe that get them there. Failure to plan is planning to fail,” says Tony. 

To ensure accessibility to valuable insights, Tony also developed the Broker Course. This course, available even to non-Finance Family brokers, provides tips, tools, and methods perfected over years at an affordable price. It aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs overcome challenges and understand how AI can revolutionize the finance industry. In addition, the Advanced Finance Strategy course details how people need to use lending policies in the right way to achieve large property portfolios.

All of Tony’s initiatives find a home in the Victo Delta Kilo – Be Better app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Inspired by the principles of “Atomic Habits,” Antonius underscores the importance of simplicity and ease in delivering knowledge. The app serves as a convenient pocket guide, making continuous improvement more accessible than ever.

Final Words

Based on his own experiences not just in life but also in business, Antonius van de Kerkhof offers a roadmap for individuals seeking success in personal development, financial endeavors, and entrepreneurial pursuits. By embracing improvement as a core principle, Tony paves the way for a more empowered and accomplished future.

To learn more about Tony’s approach, visit the Victo Delta Kilo website or connect directly with him on Instagram or LinkedIn.

Published On: July 10, 2024