Vates Nearshore Brings Cost-Effective Custom Software Solutions to Businesses

With over three decades of experience, Vates Nearshore provides businesses with custom software solutions at the most affordable rates.

Cordoba, Argentina, 5th July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Technology has made it easier to build well-connected organizations that can run successful businesses remotely. Companies are no longer restricted by their workforce and teams because nearshore companies like Vates Nearshore have bridged that gap. The on-going trend is highlighted by IT Outsourcing Report 2021 that projects the revenue in IT outsourcing to reach USD 395bn in 2022.

“We’re the nearshore custom software experts. Our teams are driven by the top 10 percent of IT talent and use Big Data, cloud, and machine learning technologies to provide our clients with smart, agile, and reliable solutions.

We harness the power of prototyping and use emerging technology to drive innovation, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.” – Manager, Vates Nearshore

Vates Nearshore is an Argentinean nearshore software development company that offers superior custom software solutions to small, medium, and large scale businessesglobally. They provide a range of services, including custom software development services, IT augmentation services, and testing-as-a-service.

To ensure that their clients get high-quality IT solutions, they have a team of skilled and highly capable professionals that work with clients and their teams to deliver high-quality software solutions that are effective, innovative, and smart.

Before hiring, the software solutions company carefully vets all the applicants and only selects the top 10 percent of the talent to build a strong team of engineers, specialists, analysts, and project managers.

The Atlassian Gold Solutions partnerhas also worked globally with a variety of Fortune 500 firms like IBM, Oracle, Siemens, and HP, among many others. This has strengthened its hold as a reliable and trusted B2B company worldwide.

According to a company representative, “At Vates, we bring diversity to the table. It’s not very cost-effective to hire teams only for a specified period. That’s why we provide nearshore IT solutions to our neighboring countries.

We have a strong team of professionals that provide the most innovative, cutting-edge, and industry-leading software solutions to our clients. We’re all about expertise, timely delivery, and high-quality work. Whether companies are facing staffing issues, need a reliable software testing service, or custom software solutions, we’re their go-to option.”

They have built their team with the top 10 percent of the IT talent in the industryand the latest technologies to make businesses smarter and more agile.

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About the Company

Vates Nearshore is a nearshore development company based in Argentina. With over three decades of experience, Vates has a staff of over 500 individuals and five offices worldwide. They have built their team with the top 10 percent of the IT talent in the industryand the latest technologies to make businesses smarter and more agile. Thesoftware solutions company offers custom software solutions to their clients globally. Their services includeIT staff augmentation services, software outsourcing services, and software testing.

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Published On: July 5, 2022