(Via ZEXPR) We live in times when, because of the pandemic breathing clean quality air and sanitizing every object are a few things you cannot do without. This is where companies like Veilad have made it their motto to make our lives easy, with indispensable products like LED UV sanitizing wands and UV Air Purifiers. This US-based business is committed to offering its customers fully equipped products and a seamless customer experience for all its customers. They understand the importance of sanitation and maintaining the protection of the people who matter to you. 

Their range of UV sanitization wands is impressive, which is known to thoroughly sterilize the desired object. This product is highly recommended during the ongoing pandemic when maintaining hygiene to lessen infection spread is essential. These wands are available in different sizes as per your requirement. The company has been meticulous in designing the product, which is why they have thoughtfully made it portable so that you can carry it around with you, which will keep you safer. What more? The company claims that the wand is 99.9% effective in killing germs such as bacteria, viruses and also mold, dust mites and other allergens within a matter of seconds. There are chemical sprays in the market which does the same, but it cannot be used on all surfaces due to the damage caused by chemicals. On the other hand, there are no limitations to using this UV light wand sanitizer, as it will not damage any surface or item. Their ultraviolet sanitizing wand and all other products are FCC, CE, ROHS tested and certified.

The founders Corey, and Victoria Rosamond, started this company with a vision to “sell something that matters.” The company itself was started out as a small initiative and later expanded to reach greater clientele, making them what they are today. The brand is known for its integrity towards customers, which builds trust. Their customer support team is not just reliable but also quick to respond. 

Their other popular product, UV Air purifier, which eliminates airborne bacteria and viruses from your home using the latest UV-C sterilization technology, has also become customers’ favorite as the purifier delivers 99.9% cleaner air. The usual purifiers claim to clean the air for particulate, but Veilad has taken it up a notch and not just purifies the air of particulates but also germs, which is the need of the hour.

If that was not all, they came up with another innovative solution to kill bacteria living on your toothbrush with the help of their UV toothbrush sanitizer. The Veilad UV toothbrush sanitizer is designed to eliminate millions of microorganisms that could weaken your immune system. This is done with the help of LED ultraviolet light bulbs that have a germicidal wavelength of 260-280nm to effectively destroy harmful germs thriving on your toothbrush.

The company does not seem to be stopping in bringing innovative solutions to keep your environment hygienic. Shop Veilad products to keep your home germ free and offer your family a clean environment to live in.