VIC Rewards and XcelTrip are set to redefine Global Wellness and Vitality Marketspace

Dr. Richard Satur, CEO of VIC Rewards, and Gyanendra Khadka, CEO of XcelTrip, are partnering to raise stakes initially from ASEAN, Indian and Korean Wellness and Vitality digital space; before they take on the global Medical-Tourism marketplace.

Singapore, November 6, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, XcelTrip, with over 2.4 million hotels and 450+ flights worldwide, is already an impressive online travel OTA platform. VIC Rewards, on the other hand, is also building its huge presence in the ASEAN region. Through their VIC Marketplace, the company predicts to onboard 500+ Merchants by 2021, specifically in the Wellness, Well-being, Anti-Ageing, and Vitality product and service segment. Addressing the Wellness and Medical Tourism opportunity in the ASEAN, Korean, and Indian regions, XcelTrip and VIC Marketplace will be integrating. Their partnership is going to allow consumers to book flights and accommodation, as well as to access enhanced Vitality packages with additional tailored wellness products and services.

“The overall population of India, Korea, and the ASEAN region is more than 2billion. That’s ¼ of the world’s population! Zion Market Research projects that the global medical tourism market could generate revenue of around US$28 billion by the end of 2024. Of estimated 11 million global medical consumers, nearly one-third of them are currently traveling to Southeast Asia alone. South Korea is also one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world. As of 2018, the cumulative number of patients who visited Korea exceeded two million, with medical services growing in popularity. According to India’s Ministry of Tourism figures, India’s medical tourism industry could grow by 200% by 2020 hitting $9 billion. This is an enormous market opportunity for XcelTrip and VIC Marketplace. With common visions to leverage blockchain and AI, to provide greater transparency, opportunity, and rewards for consumers, XcelTrip and VIC Marketplace is in a great position to attract a large number of consumers to its combined digital medical-tourism offering”, says Dr. Richard Satur.

“We have an extensive marketplace solution. XcelTrip is offering 50+ categories and 20,000+ products. Now with VIC Marketplace, we are in a position to offer greater consumer value. The Vitality packages consist of flights, accommodation as well as wellness products and services. Imagine being able to tailor a package that specifically meets your schedule, budget, requirements, healthcare objectives, and goals. That is a powerful message for all people, regardless of where they live in the world. Through us, consumers and travelers should be able to put together a Vitality package focusing on their needs rather than accepting just another generic travel offering. Furthermore, imagine that after your travel, the combined platform will be able to suggest other better opportunities for you to improve your health. Using blockchain technology, VIC Loyalty Rewards offers such advances to the people all over the world”, says Gyanendra Khadka.

VIC Rewards and XcelTrip combined have a community that is currently well over 750,000 and steadily growing. VIC Rewards community is eager to obtain their loyalty through their healthcare. XcelTrip and VIC Marketplace will soon allow them to spend their hard-earned healthcare loyalty rewards on their tailored Vitality packages. The combined blockchain solutions will allow consumers to use their healthcare status to be part of a growing community-driven DeFi protocol. This means consumers could also use their healthcare to help with other DeFi related products and services such as insurance, medical device purchases and leases, and even loans, and why not! VIC Rewards strongly believes that consumer’s healthcare is a valuable asset. In a DeFi environment, their healthcare status should be used to drive better options, costs, and benefits for them and their families. Healthcare should be viewed by consumers as valuable as their bank accounts. Consumers can, and should, leverage their healthcare as an asset from the day they are born and for all time. This asset is theirs and increases over time merely by their existence and of course by adhering to healthy behavior. Consumer’s very lives will create value for them.

The companies have now started the platform integration to put their vision of Vitality package offerings online through XcelTrip and VIC Marketplace by the end of 2020. These packages will help bring Vitality opportunities to all consumers as the world continues to tackle COVID globally. Now, more so than ever, people need to value and enhance their Vitality. Consumers need to be provided with platforms and tools that allow them to tailor solutions that meet their specific needs. VIC Marketplace and XcelTrip, along with their combined blockchain platforms, products, and services will meet consumers’ needs and allow them to use several payment options to meet their specific budgets.

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Published On: November 6, 2020