London, UK, 4 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Most people in the financial sector agree that 2020 was a hard year for the economy, but almost all of them also believe that 2021 will be even worse. The Victoria-Coins broker, Jimmy Lyn, says that the stock market is expected to take a nosedive- and by all accounts, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Meanwhile, several experts in the field believe that 2022 will be a bear market, if not worse.

Of course, nobody knows what’s going to happen with absolute certainty, but there is one thing almost everyone agrees on, and that’s this: it’s probably not good. If you want to go by word of mouth around Wall Street, it sounds like we’re all in for a rough ride.

Many people who work at places such as Goldman Sachs say that things are already looking pretty bad. In fact, this is something of an understatement- these financial analysts believe that 2021 will bring the largest and most devastating economic crisis since the Great Depression. Those who hold this belief say that the crisis will be so bad that it may, in fact, turn into a genuine and deadly depression- if, of course, something isn’t done.

In addition to bank insiders, some of America’s top economists are also preparing for a particularly rough year ahead. Most of them agree with Wall Street as they believe that the economy will take a pretty hard hit in 2021. Of course, they have some slightly better news- while most people will go through at least some serious financial difficulties during the upcoming years, the experts believe that there is still an opportunity to get ahead of the game by making smart decisions and getting up to speed on all of the latest technological advances.

On the other hand, some believe that this crash is really going to hurt. These people are saying that while it may not be as bad as the Great Depression, there will still be a lot of bad economic news in 2021- and it might absolutely devastate our economy. Several economists agree with this prediction, and they believe that if consumers are going to have any chance of getting ahead, it’s time to really buckle down because the only thing that will save us is hard work.

On top of all this, some people who work at places like Merrill Lynch are saying that 2021 could potentially be pretty bad as well. Many financial analysts in this sector agree with this view as they say that we should probably expect low returns on money and a general slowdown in the world’s stock markets over at least the next couple of years. While these experts haven’t yet determined how severe this issue will be, most people who work in this industry are expecting some economic hardships- if not immediately, then soon enough.

In addition to all of this, several other financial experts at places like Morgan Stanley are also saying goodbye to stocks and hello to cash. These individuals believe that the world is going down a dark road- and it’s better to play on the safe side than to take chances. Most analysts agree with this view as they say that if you want to come out ahead, it’s probably best if you don’t put your money in the stock market at all.

The rise of cryptocurrency and few stocks in 2021

While some insist that the rise of cryptocurrency will create more wealth than anything else, others predict a complete annihilation of money and its place in society. Some predict it will be because of UBI (Universal Basic Income) and bring socialism to full force in America. In contrast, others think it will be wealth inequality or pure annihilation.

Futurism, a popular magazine in the cryptocurrency community, is expecting that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum will rise exponentially through 2021 to reach a combined market value of $5 Trillion — this means 1% of the world’s money will be invested into cryptocurrencies.

Like the CEO of Nasdaq, Bob Greifeld, others are predicting that cryptocurrencies might fade away in future years as they “aren’t real.” In an interview with CNBC, he said: “I don’t believe any of these currencies are going to be around in the long run. It’s not clear which will survive,”

Some high grossing stocks in 2021

Some stocks that are expected to experience a large boom in 2021 are Tesla, which has one of the most explosive growth pints since CEO Elon Musk took over and changed its business model; Square Inc. with its peer-to-peer payments app Cash App (which is making them hundreds of millions every quarter); SpaceX, which is currently valued at $21 Billion — which is more than what the entire Greek economy is; Amazon, whose market value has increased 3.5 times since 2013 and is currently at 1.3 Trillion; Airbnb a company worth over $30 billion which currently offers free housing to people affected by natural disasters; Palantir Technologies Inc., one of the most secretive companies whose value has increased almost 50 times since their major funding round in 2014.

In addition, experts such as Jim Cramer and Matt McCall think that stocks like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Tesla Motors Inc., Square Inc., and Amazon will outperform the market.

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