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The new track-and-trace network provides organizations with a privacy-first, cross-entity solution to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Press Release

updated: Jun 11, 2020 21:36 EDT

VIRI, a new contact tracing network driven by privacy and anonymity, announces today that it has successfully moved from proof of concept and is now available as a global cross-entity solution. Using VIRI, entities across multiple domains can plug into a single worldwide contact tracing network while letting them adhere to various healthcare-data regulations. All of this is deployed through a hybrid backend architecture that leverages permissive blockchain technology for complete user anonymity across organizations.

Many organizations are currently racing to build their own contact tracing apps, but there’s one big issue: People traveling and crossing paths with others who may not be using the same contact tracing platform defies logic. VIRI aims to bridge that gap by providing the same platform on a global scale, creating a cross-entity functionality to effectively track the spread of the virus in different countries and oversee possible hotspots. For governments or organizations without a track-and-trace solution, VIRI is also available as a customizable white-label app that can be deployed quickly or as a simple API.

Contact tracing is an indispensable tool to combat infection hotspots worldwide, but often poses privacy concerns among the public. But the technology has proven to work when implemented successfully, such as in cases like New Zealand, where the virus has been controlled.

To monitor the spread of COVID-19, VIRI notifies individuals if they have crossed paths with anyone who may have put their health in danger by anonymously tracking a randomly user-generated ID. Depending on the scenario, individuals will get alerted with one of six different statuses  representing different levels of risk from “clear” to “confirmed case” and “possible immunity.” VIRI complies with current data regulations, including privacy laws in the United States, which may challenge the use of similar platforms on a state level.

“For Contact Tracing to work across organizations there needs to be a singular network that easily allows organizations and existing contact tracing apps to seamlessly onboard on to a globally scalable platform such as VIRI​,” said Sumit Ahuja, CEO of VIRI.

About VIRI

VIRI is a contact tracing platform driven by the ethos of privacy and anonymity. We are on a mission to allow multiple entities (enterprise, organizations, Governments, foundations) to plug into a single global contact tracing network while letting the entities follow their health-data compliance by using a hybrid backend architecture leveraging permissive blockchain tech.

Visit the VIRI website here, and read more on TechCrunch and TNW.

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