VSolidus now launched on 4 global exchanges, aims to make solid progress in integrating their currency into everyday society

London, UK, 18 Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, On 27th January, VSolidus officially launched their coin on 4 global exchanges; BitMart, XT.com, HotBit and BiBox with a 5th ‘LA Token’ set to launch on the 18th February.

After a solid few weeks of trading for VSolidus, the team set their sights on reaching new heights within the Cryptocurrency space. With over 500m VSolidus coins exchanging hands each day, Nova Wallet, the company guiding the project have made several big announcements explaining exactly what’s in the pipeline for the VSolidus Project in 2022.

Despite already gaining global exposure through these platforms, their billboard and marketing campaigns the team behind this project show no signs of slowing down.

Vision Ahead For VSolidus

Nova Wallet are set to launch their VSolidus payment gateway tools at the end of February allowing retailers to accept instant ‘crypto’ payments online and in store. The speed and convenience will allow consumers to make use of their VSolidus as a real transactional currency and be rewarded for it. The introduction of the Payment Gateway is expected to lead to a considerable price rise of the Vsolidus coins. The VSolidus team believe this is one of the first steps in VSolidus become a household currency used in everyday society. 

In a bid to provide accessibility to the crypto world, VSolidus have launched the VSolidus Academy which can be navigated to by visiting www.vsolidusacademy.com where various short courses can be taken to learn how to purchase crypto on exchanges, mine crypto and use crypto for payments or stake pools (saving).

Further to plans, Nova Wallet & its CEO Louis-James Davis are set to attend the Climate Change Summit in Bahrain between 21-24th March as the Innovation Partner and Speaker. The CC Forums topics centre on investing in Environment, Renewable Energies, Emerging Technologies, Healthcare, Education, Social Inclusion and Philanthropy connecting the brightest start-ups to the savviest of investors.

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Published On: February 18, 2022