Web3 Creator Marketplace, BULLZ boosts creator network with new agency feature

Singapore, Jan 11, 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, BULLZ, a leading platform for web3 content creators and influencers, has announced the launch of a new feature that allows any creator, influencer agent or agency, to become an Agent on the platform. This enables them to refer and onboard their creative network or talent roster onto the BULLZ app, in order to benefit from continuous campaign commissions. These are paid automatically whenever a creator from the Agent’s network completes a web3 content campaign.

With more than 50 million people now identifying as online creators – using influence, creativity and skills to monetize online audiences – the creator economy is rapidly filling with people looking to diversify their monetization streams. For many creators the pandemic has been a huge awakening not to rely on one sole source of income, and as the tech industry and major web2 social platforms grapple with layoffs, creators and their agents are realizing the need to spread their sources of income out across multiple platforms.

At the same time, as consumers increasingly seek out content created by other people like them, demand from brands to access authentic user-generated content (UGC), without needing to pay for every single impression, has never been higher. 

Web3 projects especially need budget-friendly and authentic ways to catch and keep the attention of their audiences in order to onboard users and find adoption. BULLZ provides an effective way to leverage content creation from creators that is more engaging and relatable than any traditional ad. According to BrainLab’s UGC Advertising In 2022 infographic, video UGC can lead to 12x higher engagement than any other type of content. With the rise of short-form video UGC in marketing, BULLZ is well-positioned to offer creators, as well as the agents and agencies managing them, a fresh model for monetizing their skills and talents.

Melanie Mohr, Founder and CEO of BULLZ, said: “Our goal is to provide creators, established influencers and now their agents, with a way to monetize through creativity and reach. Brand partnerships are to-date one of the most important revenue streams for creators and the good news is that marketers across the board are planning to increase their UGC budgets this year. The launch of our new Agent feature is a significant step in that direction, as it allows influencer agents and agencies to diversify their revenue streams, while also providing their creators with a new way to earn.”

BULLZ is committed to empowering creators with the tools and resources they need to monetize, while providing web3 projects with content to use for web3 marketing. With concepts such as NFTs, and the Metaverse, still yet to fully sink into mainstream awareness and understanding, web3 projects need content to educate and onboard users. UGC plays a pivotal role as a form of education, useful in web3 for examples, testimonials, and real-life scenarios of how technologies can be used.

With the launch of the new Agent feature, BULLZ will be able to scale the creator marketplace on a new level, growing the community of creators and influencers who are looking to monetize their content. Networks interested in joining as Agents can contact BULLZ through this form: https://www.bullz.com/contact-us..


BULLZ is a leading platform for web3 content creators and influencers, providing community rewards and discovery of trending projects. The BULLZ app enables creators to get rewarded for their content about web3 projects, including campaigns that connect them with brands. The BULLZ Campaign Manager lets brands easily launch user-generated content campaigns with BULLZ creators. With the “create to earn” model, users are rewarded with WOM Tokens. For more information about BULLZ: https://bullz.com

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WOM (word-of-mouth) Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol that gives brands, content creators, publishers, and social networks a way to monetize word-of-mouth recommendations on any website, app or platform. WOM is backed by seasoned investors from around the globe. For more information about WOM: https://womprotocol.io

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Published On: January 11, 2023