London, United Kingdom, 19 Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The Web3 Inu team is excited to announce the introduction of its Rent-To-Earn Gaming concept. Although Web3 shares some similarities with Dogecoin, it incorporates a Rent-to-Earn token concept and is based on Web 3.0 technology, an innovation that allows it to interact on off-chain and on-chain layers. 

The team’s goal is to offer users the benefits of the Web3 Inu metaverse where they can perform several business-related functions such as renting, selling, buying, and upgrading their real-world businesses. 

Governance Token

$WEB3 token is the Web3 Inu metaverse’s governance token that is fully supported by the Binance Smart Chain for Phase 1. Nevertheless, the token is expected to launch Matic, Ethereum chain on Phase3, otherwise known as the Cross-Chain Bridge. 

Web3 Inu Features

The Web3 Inu games adopted the Rent-To-Earn gaming concept that is alien to the Blockchain-based gaming concept. Two major economies are behind it: off-chain and on-chain, which are merged. 


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are used in the game, available for on-chain users to rent and buy. In the game, buying a business is synonymous with minting an NFT. 

Users can purchase to businesses or NFTs which are: 

  • Ownership Certificates: These are minted NFTs on users’ requests that are, available for pre-selected users. The owners determine the NFTs’ usages in the Web3 Inu metaverse. 
  • Special and Iconic Location: This refers to pre-minted NFTs that are available for purchase. $WEB3 tokens are generated when these NFTs are purchased. 

According to the project’s Whitepaper, “The offer of NFTs available is going to be controlled by WEB3 Central Bank, during periods of time called Seasons.”

At the end of each season, each player’s earnings will be decided according to the NFT tier they own. It should be noted that users are eligible for higher rewards if they rent their business or NFT to an off-chain player. 

4 actions are currently available in the off-chain economy. These are: 

  • Buy

Buying Businesses on the Web3 Inu metaverse is akin to minting NFTs, fully controlled by the WEB3 Central Bank. 

  • Rent

On-chain players have great chances of earning higher yields by minting and renting their businesses to off-chain players. The team explained that the activity won’t harm the off-chain players’ actions or economy throughout the game. 

The NFT owners set the renting conditions on smart contracts placed on a public board. They specify other metrics such as current/initial purchase payment, renting duration, and the income percentage for the lessor and renter in terms of cash or soft currency. 

  • Sell

Secondary marketplaces such as the Web3 Inu Marketplace and Binance NFT Marketplace are some secondary marketplaces where uses can sell their NFTs. In-game auction is another selling channel they can leverage. 

  • Upgrade

The team offers new players a free branch for renting businesses based on their XP and investment capital. They are saddled with the responsibility of expanding and upgrading their businesses and get higher rewards for their efforts 

Each upgrade entitles them for higher rewards that include more tiers and Branches. More so, the team allows them to can use gold or watch ads to facilitate the upgrading process. 


There are 100 trillion deflationary $WEB3 tokens, thanks to each transaction’s ability to burn 0.55% of the transaction volume. 55% of the burning occurs while listing the token on the legendary decentralized exchange, PancakeSwap. 

The Concept

The Web3 Inu project introduces its users to the concept of Rent-to-Earn gaming, where users can rent their NFTs (Businesses) and generate revenue. The game is expected to be released sometime in February-March 2022 but might come earlier.

Web3 Inu is also gunning for a listing on GateIO, Kucoin, Hotbit, MEXC Global, Huobi, Binance, OKex, Bybit, and FTX in the next 6 months.

About Web3 Inu

The distinction between Dogecoin and Web3 Inu is that the latter is based on the decentralized version of the popular World Wide Web, Web 3.0. The Web 3 Inu metaverse offers users Rent-to-Earning gaming, an innovative concept in the metaverse community. 

Unlike the regular monster-killing games most people are accustomed to, the Web3 Inu game focuses on building and upgrading businesses that are similar to NFTs. The team has promised users that more enhancements will be added to the game in the future. 





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