WeQuant Launches AI-Powered Cryptocurrency Trading Platform to Navigate Market Volatility

Sacramento, CA, Feb 8, 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, WeQuant, a cryptocurrency AI quantitative trading platform, has been established to provide global crypto trading users with innovative trading strategies using AI technology. WeQuant facilitates a range of AI intelligent quantitative trading strategies, including classical grid, martingale, channel oscillation, and AI-based strategies, allowing users to trade AI-driven trading strategies 24/7. The company has undergone extensive preparation and internal testing to provide high-frequency trading and quantitative arbitrage strategies for cryptocurrencies and other financial derivatives.

The technical and strategy teams at WeQuant are drawn from investment banking and have over a decade of experience in digital financial intelligence. The platform uses artificial intelligence-driven big data research to quantify and model different data sources, such as K-line patterns, macro data, derivative data, and on-chain data. This information is then filtered through AI algorithms to develop the convenient trading strategies, reducing the impact of human emotions on investment decisions.

WeQuant is a platform designed to address the volatility and risk associated with trading in digital currencies. It provides solutions for managing digital asset investments by providing users with tools to evaluate and potentially enhance the value of their holdings, by keeping the market trends in their view.
The company’s founder express his views regarding the new development of his company by stating,
“WeQuant is dedicated to making the benefits of digital assets accessible to everyone, regardless of their investment expertise. Our goal is to become the preferred platform for global cryptocurrency users who want to invest using AI technology.”

In conclusion, WeQuant is a company dedicated to providing liquidity security and advancing the future of the crypto infrastructure. With a focus on algorithmic trading and AI, WeQuant is committed to becoming a leading trading company in the world.

About the Company – WeQuant LLC
WeQuant is a cutting-edge research company founded in 2018 in California, USA. With a commitment to world-class research, WeQuant aims to shape the future of the industry. Under the leadership of Mr. Michaelson, the company has grown and opened a second branch in Florida in 2022 to attract more tech-talented individuals to join the WeQuant team.

For more information, visit the WeQuant website at https://wequant.xyz

Published On: February 8, 2023