What Are The Best Online Casinos In Canada? – Top Online Casino Websites Reviewed

When it comes to online gambling, there’s no question that we have a lot of options to choose from as Canadians. We’re constantly being bombarded by the next jackpot, mega moolah, or digital roulette game. Many of them are quite enjoyable and do offer some pretty remarkable rewards, but anytime we deposit our hard earned money into something, we want to make the best decision possible.

Since there are hundreds of online casinos in Canada to choose from, we decided to compile a list of what we think are the very best of the best. We took into consideration things like depositing options, customer support, game versatility, and user interface of each online casino website/app, as many of these casinos can be enjoyed on mobile devices. This is our list of the best online casinos in Canada right now.

1. Best Online Casino in Canada – #1: Yukon Gold Casino | Click To Play

After years and years of relevance in the industry, Yukon Gold somehow stays among the top of the list. In fact, it it is currently rated as being the best overall by our teams’ standards. When you consider their extremely generous signup bonus of 125 chances to win a massive jackpot (usually in the millions) and add that to their illustrious support, easy-to-use website, and overall enjoyability, it is easily one of the best.

2. Best Online Casino in Canada – #2: Cherry Gold Casino | Click To Play

Cherry Gold Casino is a much newer casino to this space but is still great nonetheless. It is available to Canadians but is not exclusive to Canadians like some other Casinos. In fact, players from UK and Australia can also join in on the fun! The reason that this casino is so great is that it brings so much variety to the table. Not only does it have many variations of online slots, roulette, and video poker – but there are plenty of other game modes that you can’t find in other online casinos. Although their prize winnings are slightly lower than Yukon Gold, they still have a lot of value to offer and a signup bonus of 200% on your deposit surely makes them worth a try. Click here to claim your signup bonus.

3. Best Online Casino in Canada – #3: Zodiac Casino | Click To Play

Established in 2001, Zodiac is one of the true OG’s of online gambling in this country. Considering how much this sphere has changed over the last two decades, the fact that Zodiac casino has been able to keep up the way it has (and thrive) is truly a remarkable feat. They are still offering many of the classics that we grew to love years ago, but are also mixing it up and adding new and innovative games of slots, roulette, and progressive jackpots. Their signup bonus includes 80 chances to win a jackpot greater than $1,000,000 as well as a signup bonus of 100% of up to $100 CAD. Check them out here.

4. Best Online Casino in Canada – #4: Quatro Casino | Click To Play

This is definitely another old-school casino in the industry, much like Zodiac. However, although they are not as shiny as something like Cherry Gold may be, they have still retained nearly all of the quality that they started out with years ago. This is a casino that is heavy on slots and blackjack, like many others. They have nearly perfected their system and have kept us coming back time after time because their games are just so enjoyable. They accept a plethora of payment methods for deposits including Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Check, iDebit, Instadebit, Instant banking, PaysafeCard, EcoPayz, UpayCard. The newest signup bonus includes 700 Free Spins For Your First 7 Days – Click here to check them out.

5. Best Online Casino in Canada – #5: Casino Classic | Click To Play

Now, this is the true epitome of an OG casino. They’ve been around since the start of the century (2000) and have continued to excel at what they do. Customer support is hands-down one of the best I’ve personally had the experience of trying and from top to bottom, they are just truly exceptional. Though they are EU based, they are very open to Canadian clientele and are even offering the chance to win an 8-figure jackpot on their website for a limited time to Canadians; check them out here.

What You Should Know About Online Gambling Sites in Canada

As Canadians, we are extremely lucky to know that online gambling is perfectly legal for those of us that have reached the age of majority in our given province. So, while our friendly neighbours down south aren’t allowed to sign up and gamble on any of the sites listed above (or any online casinos at all), we are granted that luxury. Like I said – there are really a lot of choices to choose from in this space and it’s hard to know which casinos are the best for you.

The easiest way to gain some insight into whether or not you might want to check out a Casino would be to click the above links and check out the casinos for yourself. Seeing their games and offers is completely free, and some of them even offer signup bonuses without entering any billing information at all.

The most notable games on these casino websites and apps are obviously going to be some variation of slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker. However, it is important to note that these are not the only games available online and each respective casino is offering their own original games that you cannot find elsewhere. Even if you want to skip ahead to what you are already familiar with, we certainly recommend checking out some of the games you haven’t previously heard of as many of them are really quite fun!

Best Games To Play At Online Casinos

It truly does come down to personal preference with these things, but if you’re going to stick to the classics, then I definitely recommend checking out the slots games available on websites such as Yukon Gold and Cherry Gold. They have somewhat perfected these games and many gamblers have even claimed that the games at these online casinos are more enjoyable and favour the gambler more than the real casinos you may find around Canada!

Online video poker is also loads of fun. It may not be quite what you’d initially expect if you’ve done online poker before, but for the most part – it is an improvement. Evidently, poker is not the most popular game mode to play at online casinos in Canada but they do hold their own and have a respectable piece of the pie.

How Do Online Casinos Work?

Pretty much in the same way that real casinos work! Instead of playing against a live dealer (in blackjack, for example) you’d be playing against an algorithm that gives you the exact same odds you would have in real life. The same thing can be said for slots – and slots are arguably way more fun to play in the comfort of your own home rather than in a public casino. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of gambling in their pajamas at their own leisure, at whatever hour they choose? It is truly a remarkable feat.

As for PVP game modes go – you will be playing against other online gamblers that are using the same platform, also in the comfort of their own home. Whether or not you play against other Canadians or internationally depends on the casino, but for the most part games are international and you would not be playing against Canadians exclusively.

The reason that people love online gambling more than in-person gambling can be attributed to the fact that it is just so much more comfortable and convenient to do. Sure, there is an atmosphere factor that comes with gambling in person and there will always be refreshments, food, and eye-candy; but for those of us that like to spend a relaxing day indoors, online casinos in Canada are a fantastic option that we have.

The great thing about all of the casinos we have mentioned is that they pretty much all offer a signup bonus of some sort. Whether it be a free spins type of deal or they offer you a direct % of your first deposit back to play with, these casinos like to take care of their brand new customers to make sure that they will have a great relationship with their clients moving into the future.

The Best Casinos To Play With in Canada (Online edition) – Bottom Line

Us Canadians are offered a great problem to have. We have just so many fantastic options to select from in this realm that oftentimes, we can be stuck, not knowing which is the best of the best. Also known as “paralysis by analysis”. The 5 casinos we’ve compiled on the list above are what we think are the clear cut winners in this race. Sure, there are many others that we haven’t mentioned here but that is for good reason – some online casinos really do have some bad qualities such as poor customer support, limited depositing methods, inactive games, and lack of competition on the website to play with.

This is your hard-earned money we’re talking about here, and you wouldn’t want to deposit this cash on a low-quality site. For this reason it is very important that our readers do their due diligence on each casino they’re thinking about playing on, if they do not choose to play on any of the 5 online casinos we’ve mentioned above.

Unfortunately, it is not easy at all to tell which online casinos are bad in terms of quality just by looking at their homepage. Many of these brands have beautifully designed websites but behind all of it is a terrible management team. The best way to find out more information about a given casino is to do your own digging and searching online for reviews by other customers who went through the same thing, so you don’t have to.

Published On: April 8, 2020