What experts say on the hot webinar topic “Regulations on Digital Lending from RBI and Google Play Store”

Summary: With the imposition of RBI’s new guidelines, financial institutions are seeing a change in how they operate their businesses. How is the digital lending industry impacted? Habile Technologies’ webinar on the regulations from RBI & Google Play Store will answer the questions.

Chennai, TamilNadu, 24th September 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The RBI is the entity whose guidelines and regulations assure that governance of the financial institutions such as the Banks, NBFCs & Fintechs is to safeguard the customer interest and maintain overall control on the entire financial sector.

There has been exponential growth in this industry which is contributing to the growth and financial inclusion. 

Technological innovations are driving the financial innovations, which in turn is spinning out new financial products and services into the digital lending industry. Google Play Store serves as the marketplace to host these financial products. So, the RBI is imposing guidelines on Play Store. The regulatory body is constantly watching to ensure that these new products are efficient, resilient, customer-centric and well within the norms for conducting business.

Acting as a guardian, the Reserve Bank has been continuously reshaping and refining the guidelines to align with the growth and policy architecture.

To better comprehend the above statement, Habile Technologies is hosting a webinar on “Regulations on Digital Lending from RBI & Google Play Store“. 

Habile’s experts are speaking throughout the occasion: 

  • Alex Lawrence, CTO of Cloudbankin
  • Rajeshware Srinivasan, Former Banker and Domain Consultant of Cloudbankin
  • Mani Parthasarathy, Co-Founder of Cloudbankin

The Point of Discussion:

  • Concerning the RBI:

Few fintechs have seen a drastic change in their business model due to the recent norms being issued. Those guidelines in digital lending were implemented to streamline the governance, business conduct, regulatory compliance and risk mitigation for the fintechs, especially pertaining to BNPL services. The point of discussion is to see how the situation changed before and after introducing the new regulations.

  • Concerning Google Play Store:

Lots of frauds are detected pertaining to the banking sector. According to the RBI, 45613 loan frauds were reported till March 2021. And 2000 loan apps have been removed from the Play Store in 2022. Regulations are therefore imposed to lessen the problem of such circumstances and ensure the safety of the end customers. 

  1. What are the best practices that Banks, Fintechs, and NBFCs may adhere to keep their apps on the platform? 
  2. What actions must be taken to comply with the most recent guidelines? 
  3. What compliances need to be done to adhere to recent regulations to relist apps to Play Store?

In this webinar, the questions mentioned above will be addressed.

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Who can attend?

  1. CXOs, Credit Manager, Product Manager, IT head of NBFC Companies
  2. Fintech – Lending Companies
  3. Product Head of Small Finance Banks
  4. Head of Compliance

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Published On: September 24, 2022