London, UK, 9th Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Meta Stars growing in popularity because it’s one of few blockchain technologies that offers users a unique experience. The ability to interact with other users through things like blogging within the Metaverse website itself, creating content for this platform with things like the Metaverse API, or even buying land in-game is an extremely unique feature that separates it from other blockchain technologies. With growing Metaverse popularity there are many problems for the users, Metaverse Planet token will come with the solution.

What is Metaverse Planet?

Metaverse Planet is built on the Binance Chain, which is a blockchain that uses delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) to achieve scalability. This means that the blockchain can handle a large number of transactions without experiencing congestion.$MPL will be their token symbols will come soon.

Why you should invest in Metaverse Planet?

There are many exciting reasons you should invest in Metaverse Planet. The first reason is they have great future plans their vision is wonderful. The great thing is the project is in the initial stages so it’s a great chance for us to get the train now. These are several exciting reasons why you should know about metaverse planet some are given below:

New Payment System:

Metaverse Planet is also working on adding new features to its platform. One of these features is called ETPs, which are digital assets that can be used in the Metaverse virtual world. These ETPs will be used to power different virtual worlds and games on the Metaverse platform. In addition, Metaverse Planet plans to use the blockchain to create a new payment system that will allow users to pay for goods and services with ETPs.

Working on NFTs:

Metaverse Planet is also working on a project called NFTs, which are non-fungible tokens. These tokens are unique and cannot be replaced by another token of the same type. NFTs will be used to represent different virtual items in the Metaverse world. These tokens will be stored on the blockchain and can be traded between users.

Play-to-Earn Game:

Metaverse Planet is also working on a project called Play-to-Earn. This project will allow users to earn coins by playing games. The Play-to-Earn project will include a variety of different games, ranging from simple games to complex multi-player games. The coins earned by playing these games can be used for other purposes on the Metaverse platform.

Developing new applications:

Planet Metaverse is also planning to develop new applications for blockchain technology. They are working on a set of tools that will make it easy for developers to create games and other applications that use the power of blockchain technology. they believe that these tools will help to popularize blockchain technology and make it easier for users to understand its benefits. They are also working on creating a virtual reality experience that will allow users to interact with the blockchain in an immersive environment.

Planing Metaverse

Another important part of their mission is to make the Metaverse blockchain more accessible and user-friendly. they are doing this by developing a unique set of features that make it possible for users to earn rewards for their activities on the blockchain. For example, they working on a virtual world where users can buy and sell land, businesses, and other assets.

Tokenomics of Metaverse Planet:

50% of the total supply is already burned!. The overview of Tokenomics is given below:

Supply 10 Trillion

  • Already Burn (50% Total Supply)
  • Developer & Teams (5% Total Supply)
  • Fairlunch ( 95% Total Supply )

Buy & Sell Tax

  • Burn every transaction 1%
  • Share to All holders 2%
  • Development & Marketing 4%
  • Auto locked LP 4%

RoadMap of Metaverse Planet

Phase 1

  • Value tracking list
  • KYC Developer
  • Pancakeswap
  • Marketing on all platform
  • Coingecko & Coinmarketcap Listing

Phase 2

  • #1 NFT Release
  • Listing CEX
  • Solidity.Binance smart contract audit
  • 50.000 Holders
  • Advertising
  • Start to DAPPS Development

Phase 3

  • $MPL DAPPS Release
  • Coin Staking
  • Big Marketing
  • Legal construction
  • Start Metaverse Development
  • Integration with opensea for IPFS data
  • Partnership
  • Metaverse Planet Launch
  • Metaverse audit
  • Certik audit of $MPL

Phase 4

  • Build Game P2E
  • Structure for Metaverse foundation
  • Game Metaverse Launch
  • 200,000 holders
  • Board Members
  • Celebrity board members official announcement
  • Team expansion
  • Expand development team(React,node,.js, Java, Infura, Web3)
  • Convention
  • Participate in the Metaverse convention.

Phase 5

  • Market Expansion
  • Emerging market expansion (Asia/EU)
  • Metaverse Engage to earn

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