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The current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is placing a huge strain on health systems worldwide. Suggested solutions like social distancing and lockdowns in some areas to help contain the spread of the virus may affect special patient populations like those with chronic illnesses who are unable to access healthcare facilities for their routine care and medicines management. Retail pharmacy outlets are the likely facilities for easy access from these patients.

Patients with diabetes, strict adherence to medications maintain good glycemic control and prevent complications such as diabetic ulcers and increased blood pressure which further compromise their chances of survival if infected with COVID-19.

  1. The news about the serious impact of COVID19 across the world in Feb/Mar19
  2. Given their focus on Chronic Care patients and the special care and protection advised in healthcare circles for such patients, Relex health was observing the progress carefully
  3. Relex anticipated that lockdown would disrupt medicine availability. Expected that this would hurt patients under the care of Relex Medication Adherence program since it would potentially cause them to miss their medication. What was also anticipated was that the initial lockdown period of 21 days could
  4. Proactively arranged full medication of the entire prescription with 100% fill to all its patients such that all of them would have stock for 60 days in This was mainly distributed between 19th and 26th March
  5. Relex following up on the Medication Adherence of each of its patients on the phone
  6. This has been greatly appreciated by the patients on Relex program and as a result, they have also referred in their friends and relatives to Relex to help them obtain their medication in the difficult period of the
  7. Relex leveraged the knowledge and experience of its promoters in the pharma supply chain as well as their deep relationships with reputed distributors to deliver a 98% fulfilment of all such requests
  8. Seeing the substantial response and the difficulty that citizens of Bangalore were facing in getting proper fulfilment of their medicine requirements during the lockdown, Relex is going ahead with different special

Community Service initiatives outside its core Medication Adherence program to help patients across Bangalore quickly get their medicines with high fulfilment. These will be announced shortly

“For medicines to work you need to take them”. 

Thanks to Relex Health, all patients were able to monitor qualitatively and objectively the correct intake of the drugs, their state of illness and the possible appearance of specific signs and symptoms.

About Relex Health

Relex Healthcare Services India Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Bangalore, was incorporated on 27th May 2019. The company is founded by – Chandrashekar Kini, Suresh AP Rao, KP Shravan with more than 60 years of combined experience in pharma marketing distribution and pharma retail. Relex won angel investment in December 2019 for their first stage expansion in Bangalore and seek to expand their footprint across the country.

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