Lazio, Rome, 10 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Investing in the crypto market is a game of cats and dogs due to the sheer amount of projects being launched daily. This can confuse new investors looking to test their hands in the crypto market, and many settle for popular projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Some underrated gems exist within the myriad of projects in the crypto markets, and KoinSwap falls into this category. We look at some of the reasons to invest in Koin ahead of the upcoming presale of its tokens.  

Built for the gaming industry 

Unlike other crypto projects that propose bogus claims, KoinSwap focuses on resolving existing problems in the gaming industry. The gambling scene is dominated by centralized casinos built based on unfair practices that fleece gamers of their money. 

KoinSwap seeks to establish trust with gamers by building an entire gaming ecosystem on blockchain technology. This way, gamers have more control and are not left to the whims of casinos that freeze their accounts without concrete reasons. 

KoinSwap goes beyond just decentralized gaming by creating a framework for developers to build new casino games. This framework called proof-of-concept features documentation that provides a step-by-step process for anyone to create a blockchain-based game, publish and earn from it for gamers. 

Auditing games is seen as a crucial aspect of game development as a bug or breach could lead to major consequences since casino games deal with money. Experienced gamers are also skeptical of games audited by lesser-known auditing firms, which is a significant reason they turn to popular centralized gaming platforms. 

KoinSwap solves this problem by partnering with famous auditing company CertiK to create a unique auditing engine that automatically audits the codes of casino games. As a result, developers within the KoinSwap ecosystem can leverage cheaper audits alongside the CertiK logo to their games. 

Thus a community of gamers can decide to create their own game by using KoinSwap’s proof-of-concept system without the hassles of the traditional game development system. 

Fair Revenue Distribution Model 

KoinSwap has an extensive ecosystem with different products, including staking farms, pools, lottery, collectibles, and a DEX. This makes it a hub for gamers, liquidity providers, yield farmers, NFT enthusiasts, and stakers. 

Within its casino ecosystem, KoinSwap has devised a system that distributes revenue reasonably within its community. The casino edge, representing the assured profits per game, is within 4-6% and shared at an even ratio to Koin developers, Liquidity providers, game developers, and marketing purposes. 

This means that the entire KoinSwap ecosystem is rewarded from the profits made by the blockchain protocol. Investors can leverage this by becoming liquidity providers and staking htheir tokens for a percentage of rewards on KoinSwap. 

How to take part in the Koin token presale

The Koin token presale is one of the most significant events in the KoinSwap roadmap. The presale aims to generate funds to build new products and grow the KoinSwap ecosystem. In addition, KoinSwap will be introducing its initial utility token KOIN.

KOIN will be made available at the best possible price and will be an integral part of testing the recently launched proof-of-concept flagship game. Koin holders can also play other games on KoinSwap and provide liquidity on different staking pools for rewards. 

In the future, KoinSwap will replace the Koin token with the Koin-T (Tear) with a finite market cap. The migration will be seamless, and initially, only Koin holders will be able to access Koin-T and experience the earning benefits of the token. 

Koin-T will be used as the utility token for new games within the KoinSwap ecosystem and integrated into a dedicated eCommerce marketplace. The marketplace will be similar to eBay and allow sellers to sell their items via escrow services offered by the platform. 

KoinSwap has launched a $20,000 KOIN token giveaway program designed to incentivize community members to test the proof-of-concept game on its platform. KoinSwap will randomly select 300 winners given different allocations ranging from $50, $100, and $250 worth of Koin tokens. 

An ideal crypto project for investors

In conclusion, KOIN is the ideal crypto project to invest in due to its massive potential in the gaming industry. The ability to develop games quickly and get a percentage of profits made by the blockchain protocol is an enticing prospect. You can also take part in the presale and provide liquidity that will be exchanged for Koin-T in the future.

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