Why Successful Entrepreneurs and Investors love to work with The Hashmi Group

New York City, NY, 4th April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, As one of the fastest growing advisory group for SME’s in North America, The Hashmi Group is a high value generating independent group, which offers strategic investor relations and business development advisory services to SME’s in North America. The Hashmi Group’s highly professional & result oriented services has attracted entrepreneurs & investors from all around the world to work with them.

Here’s a feedback from some of their partners & clients:

Yasir is an outstanding partner to work with. He is always keeping us in mind as we are for The Hashmi Group. We will continue our success with them helping us expand our marketing from North America to all over the world. Thank you for your support.

Lucas Mosca, Managing Director, Watermark Finance.

“Watermark finance have $500 million assets under management”

Yasir is a man with high integrity and is very knowledgeable in the areas of mergers & acquisitions and Private Equity. He has a very wide network of international contacts and successful transactions completed. Yasir brings his experience in sales and marketing to each opportunity.

Mark Borkowski, CEO, Mercantile M&A

“Mark has published more than 750+ articles in various prestigious newspapers & magazines. He has also closed more than 200+ M&A deals”

I have known The Hashmi Group and Yasir for a couple of years. He is always welcoming to participate in several projects that would positively impact lots of people and make a positive impact on those who need humanitarian assistance. The word “no” is not in his vocabulary, he believes in what he is doing and persistent to make it a successful project. I am always keen to know the latest projects he is working on to assist him in expanding business networks , I do this because I trust him and I wish him all the best.

Yasmine El Difrawy,Senior Advisor, ICONA Magazine

“Daughter of Sylvia El Nakkady, Founder of ICONA Magazine, a highly influential lady in Egypt”

I continue to have the pleasure of working with Yasir Hashmi, who has repeatedly shown his knowledge and skills in connecting people and projects for maximizing opportunities. Yasir is a quick study and thinker who solves problems effortlessly and without hesitation. Yasir is so aware of market situations that many times I need to work hard to keep up with his ability to feed information and guidance at a nearly an unimaginable pace. I highly recommend connecting and finding project opportunities with Yasir Hashmi.

 Ross Youngs, CEO, Univenture Inc.

“Ross was awarded as American Businessperson of the Year in 1998 by US Senator. Univenture Inc. was also first of five inclusions in the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America. His company has generated more than $430 Million+ in revenue in the past 32 years”

We have been working with The Hashmi Group on the expansion of our global investor network into South Asia, specifically India and Singapore. Yasir is one the most well informed persons we have met in the India and South Asia region; and he also is very strategic in his understanding of American and European business, culture and government policy. We would highly recommend Yasir as both a strategic advisor and tactical execution partner for other organizations.

George A King, Chairman, Infrastructure Group Inc.

“George was a co-founder of a telecom company in a $6 Billion Goldman Sachs IPO”

Here’s are more reviews from professionals who have worked with The Hashmi Group,  https://www.thehashmigroup.com/what-people-say

The love and admiration which their partners have for them is the reason for their success and fast growth in a very short period of time for a bootstrapped business. The Hashmi Group has very strong values and a very attractive & positive business culture that is why they got 40,000 job applications in 2021. Some of the key words of their business culture are: Purpose, Goals, Transparency, Accountability, Results, Open-Mindedness, Systems, Fast, Alignment, Efficiency, Measurement, Experimentation, Learning, Prudence, Organization, Predictability, Constant Improvement, Mental Toughness

As being a part of a very competitive industry The Hashmi Group is always experimenting with different marketing campaigns and comes out at the top of their game which has also got some of their rivals to spread rumours about them that they provide too much value at a very low price which prevents the rival companies to increase their market share but like every successful person or company there are always haters and lovers but it’s about the results & value which a company or a person has provided to the world but the success of The Hashmi Group speaks out for itself that is why successful entrepreneurs & investors love The Hashmi Group.

The Hashmi Group has also started a social welfare program in which they donate 1% of their annual profits for social welfare. The Hashmi Group believes that every problem in this world can be solved by entrepreneurs and their mission is to help small to medium sized businesses to grow to their next level, helping them to achieve an exponential growth.

The Hashmi Group was founded by Yasir Hashmi. Yasir started The Hashmi Group at the age of 15 during his school days and later officially launched the business in late 2019 without any external investments or past business experience and now in just two years The Hashmi Group went from 1 staff member to 50+ staff members and it is now a 8 figure business with an extensive global reach. It is also among one of the fastest growing businesses in North America at SME level targeting to reach 500+ staff members in 2023.

Mr.Yasir believes that every problem on this planet can be solved by entrepreneurs and his life’s purpose is to help entrepreneurs to get all the help they need to grow their business to the next level and solve all the problems on this planet. Yasir Hashmi believes that everyone has a different purpose in their life which gives them real meaning and fulfilment in their lives. According to him a person should be crystal clear on their life’s purpose and then set long term, inter immediate and short term goals aligned with the purpose and all those goals collectively fulfils the purpose of a person’s life which gives them the real meaning and fulfilment. Mr.Yasir is also an author of an indian history book titled “A Brief History of Ancient and Medieval India” and has also worked on a Philosophy Book titled “Be Wise In A Week”. He is also a Marketing Expert, Researcher, Angel Investor, Personal Development Coach and is also an Ambassador at Cuenta Conmigo Foundation in Argentina.  

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Published On: April 4, 2022