Wozzie, along with his faithful and supporting company is enthusiastically on his way to the NFTCommunity


Florida, US, 12th March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Wozzie, an American rapper, feels immensely excited to debut his newly designed and highly awaited NFT collection. Wayne Redmond, commonly known as Wozzie, is a Philadelphia-based rapper, actor, and songwriter. He is now an indie musician who performs chill-step, rough audio, and laid-back music that demonstrates his honed technical ability and unmatched sound. Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and rappers such as Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are among Wozzie’s musical influences. Wozzie just released a version of his new NFT collection, which nicely displays the artist’s varied and creative work. The collection was professionally created with the goal of inspiring other artists to follow their dreams.

Wozzie starts with making the beat, then layers on the rhymes and the musical background. “For inspiration, I like to listen to guitars and piano keys; the sound transports me,” Wozzie explains. “However, I don’t always self-produce because I work with an outstanding team of producers.” Thanks to my marketing staff, who did an outstanding job designing my website, which highlights my hard work and efforts to the rest of the globe.”

“Dubai Wozzie,” Wozzie’s most acclaimed hit, is an unpolished audio melody with a cool vocal that takes the listener on a thrilling adventure and nostalgic journey. “Fans who appreciate beats would respond to this music,” Wozzie says, characterizing it as “one of a unique.” They can either dance or chill out to “Chill Wozzie’s” atmosphere of audio sound quality.”

Wozzie, who never stops following his dreams, is presently working on a new EP, which he hopes to release in December. He’s now listening to a lot of unsigned Philly bands, adding, “I prefer to hear what my city has to offer.” Wozzie considers himself a creative virtuoso, rather than a traditional artist. Wozzie is a superb and enthusiastic Philadelphia musician who is completely devoted to the music and performance. Wozzie has developed his technical abilities and tone via tremendous and incredible concerts and studio recording sessions, forming an unstoppable force in the music industry. Wozzie’s “Dubai” can be found on YouTube and Spotify, as well as on his website at https://linktr.ee/Wozzie.




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Published On: March 12, 2022