Writing Summary Statement In Your Resume? Here Are Few Tips

Noida, India, 22nd March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, What is a resume summary? Here is a simple answer. Resume Summary is a two to three-liner which explains in brief what all of your resumes say about you. It can be similar to something like an Objective Statement. And it can be a quick way to attract the attention of the hiring manager. And it is the first thing the recruiter learns or reads about you. Moreover, if you want to make it interesting and if you want to stand out, we are here for your rescue.

There are probably tons of resumes that the recruiters have to go through. And to stand out from all those resumes, an attractive professional resume summary statement would work. And to do so, you don’t have to look for resume writing services in India, as we have covered for you.

Important Pointers To Consider To Write Summary Statement

1.Keep It Short and Crispy

A professional resume must be short and crisp. It should tell you about yourself and should be straightforward. You might not want to expand and stretch information, as it might decrease your chances. It should be particular about the specific job and should explain why you are a perfect match for the job.

2.It Should Be Clear

As there might be some sought of similarity between objective statement and resume statement, there is still ought to be very much difference between them. At a point, an objective statement tells you about your interests and what do you expect from the job whereas, on the other hand, a resume summary or statement would explain what you bring to the table. And how your expertise and education can bring a change to the growth of the company or organization.

3.Use Powerful Words

To learn more about it, you might be looking for resume writing services in India over the internet. And might have or have not been enough. There are many ideas or resume writing tips over the internet, and one of them might make you elaborate and exaggerate your skills. But, it can be wrong. The next question is, “Why should the resume be short?” Actually, the less you write, the more power it holds. Exaggerated stuff can make the recruiter less interested and uninterested.

4.Mention Your Professional Accomplishments

You should only include professional accomplishments and milestones. Talk about numbers, statistics, which attract the recruiter’s attention. You should use more action verbs instead of using simple words. For example, “implemented,” “entrepreneur’s mindset” instead of “Used,” “thought process.”

5.Mention Your Hard Skills & Soft Skills

Include writing about both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are very important of course, and the first thing you should talk about. For instance, computer development and UX Designer. And soft skills include Problem-solving, communication skills. It also helps to tell that you are not only a theoretical person but also a practical one.

6.Keep IT ATS-Friendly

Some companies might also have an automated applicant tracking system that picks applications that seem to be considered suitable according to the job description. Keep in mind to write a resume that is ATS-friendly, to get land on the job interview. Your keywords should be related to the industry you want to be a part of. For example, operations, management, developer, designer, etc. To keep your resume ATS-friendly, You can hire an experienced company that provides professional resume writing services.

7.Write Why They Should Choose You

Answer the question, “why should we hire you?”. Answering this question is the priority if you want to get a chance. Try to think from the recruiter’s perspective and what they might be looking for. Ask yourself if that is the given statement enough to make you land at an opportunity, or is it good enough to explain your potential.

8.Mention Your Valuables That Can Help The Company Grow

Write about the value you can bring to the table. Your point of view and how you would help the company to grow and what new things you can bring to the table. Ask yourself what would I have looked for in the person if I had to recruit someone for the same position. This will bring you to the answer, and you will get the things right.

Few Final Words

Now, as the points above have given you some tips about writing a strong and efficient resume summary, you don’t have to look everywhere to find resume writing services in India or anywhere else. You just have to keep these key points in mind and write for yourself. You should try to build a resume for yourself, as it brings personalization. Not only that, but you should not pretend to be someone else.

Be yourself, write about yourself and write why you are a perfect choice, talk about yourself, not about others. That will be the most important thing if you land a job interview. You just have to remember why you are a perfect choice, elaborate your hard skills and your soft skills, and be focused. Being yourself is an essential tip.

Media contact:

Rohan Gupta
Noida, India
Published On: March 22, 2022