XPeer Begins a New Era of Online B2B Platforms with AI-Powered Algorithms and Scoring Methodologies

The emerging online B2B marketplace is taking the lead in introducing the latest AI-based technologies to facilitate businesses in finding their required service providers and suppliers.

Baar, Switzerland, 10th September 2022, ZEXPRWIREThe modern-day world has witnessed the greatest technological advances within a few decades. The older generations are among those who have experienced the fastest growth in science and technology, from manual systems to automatic machines and now artificial intelligence and robotics. From a simple idea to practical implementation in nearly all fields, artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to amaze humanity with their brilliance in simplifying even the most complex tasks.

Xpeer is becoming a market leader in B2B platforms with its latest AI-powered search and ranking algorithms. Xpeer AI® and Xpeer Score® are advanced AI tools that allow businesses to review the performance of potential suppliers and facilitate businesses in choosing among market leaders and top performers to outsource business operations and information system development.

Artificial intelligence has facilitated businesses and service industries in all aspects – automatic production machines, big data analytics, production & sales forecasting, and financial projections, to name a few. Websites and web-based e-commerce platforms also use AI to improve customer experience and build trust. While B2B marketplaces have remained stagnant in incorporating the latest technology, Xpeer, an emerging B2B platform, has introduced AI-based business search and review and begun a new era of online B2B marketplaces.

Xpeer provides intelligent tools that use company data, performance history, ratings and reviews, and service descriptions to project them on performance evaluation charts.” Said a spokesperson from Xpeer. “This performance chart provides sufficient information about the company’s performance to businesses looking for services. The AI-powered search algorithms allow companies to view the top search results based on search criteria and the service provider’s past performance. The scoring algorithm works by evaluating a company’s past performance and scoring each project they undertake based on buyer’s ratings.”

With Xpeer, it is now possible to filter out the best service providers in the market from across the globe. Xpeer strives to improve its AI features and introduce new intelligent tools for service providers to promote their services. To find out more about Xpeer, read the information below.

About Xpeer

Xpeer is a leading online B2B platform that helps businesses connect with thousands of service providers registered on the website. With Xpeer’s AI-powered search algorithms and scoring techniques, it’s easier and more convenient for businesses to search for the top performers in a specific category of services.

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Published On: September 10, 2022