Xpeer Contributes to the Evolution of Word-of-Mouth Marketing in the Digital Age

A globally distributed team of developers, business leaders, and marketing experts have created a masterpiece where businesses can connect for trade and services

Baar, Switzerland, 24th June 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The rapid shift of the global marketplace towards digitalization and the concept of digital workplaces in organizations have brought a 180-degree change in the way organizations work. Businesses now compete for state-of-the-art information systems, web-based applications, and digital marketing techniques to interact with customers or effectively communicate within the organization and smoothly operate core business functions. For this purpose, businesses hire top software companies to create cutting-edge software that meets their requirements.

Xpeer, an online B2B marketplace, is making this task easier for decision-makers by providing a complete web platform where they can choose among the top website, e-commerce, custom software, and big data analytics companies. Xpeer maintains a complete business profile of each company which includes company information, reviews, market insights, and crowd rank.

Our B2B website is interactive and easy to use.” Said a representative from Xpeer. He further added, “Creating or searching for a business profile is just a matter of a few clicks. As a business leader, what I like the most about our web platform is that when you go to a certain category or line of business, you can see a complete performance chart where all businesses are positioned according to their prior performance and client reviews. For a decision-maker, a detailed business profile and the position of a business on the chart fulfill the essentials for choosing the right service provider. If they want to dig deeper, they can go through their reviews, crowd ranks, and inside reviews accessible through exclusive memberships.”

With add-on features like Xpeer score, phone reviews, experience maps, and managed review service, Xpeer has truly become a digital hub where decision-makers can connect to relevant businesses. The promising features of the Xpeer web platform aim at revolutionizing B2B connectivity through artificially intelligent algorithms and cloud-based services. The continuous improvement in services and added features unveil the true potential of Xpeer to become a market leader in B2B connectivity and digital marketplaces.

About Xpeer

Xpeer is an emerging online B2B platform that helps businesses connect for products and services. Xpeer has a long line of businesses categorized according to their core services. Buyers can easily choose from a list of the leading companies in a specific niche.

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Published On: June 24, 2022