ZAX – The Exclusive Token For Network Marketing

  • ZAX brings forth an innovative system of decentralized staking, making it lucrative for everyone, especially network marketers.

London, UK, 10 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Crypto has disrupted the wealth creation and accumulation economics around the world. While the debate heats up on real-world usage of various crypto tokens and blockchain-backed systems for different sectors are being offered as an answer. However, network marketers have long been apprehensive about the new currency’s usage, reliability, and profitability. ZAX is changing that! It is a crypto token designed and launched to make staking reliable and lucrative for network marketing businesses everywhere.

Powered by TRON blockchain system, the ZAX token has been launched exclusively for network marketers. It uses a decentralized system to reward holders for staking their tokens and referring ZAX to non-holders. What differentiates ZAX from other crypto tokens is that, this system is based on a fluctuating supply instead of a fixed supply, aligning its market with the guiding principles of economics. Every time ZAX is staked by a holder, the staked amount of ZAX is burned. This results in a supply decrease. Rewards are minted from the smart contract, which automatically increases the token supply. This market-driven change in token supply, backed by legitimate processes, creates a balance in the ZAX market and makes price fluctuations fairer than other cryptocurrencies.

ZAX compares well with other cryptocurrencies on a number of markers. It offers a proper real-world use-case for network marketers, who can not only invest in it but earn rewards for marketing it to their networks and increasing the overall holdings for ZAX. Unlike other tokens, ZAX holders or token owners cannot mint coins themselves. The supply is governed by market mechanics of burning and reward generations. Moreover, extensive marketing and multilevel referral commissions are also allowed. Holders can earn staking rewards up to 100% APY. 0.5% daily staking rewards are guaranteed until 200% of the staked token is earned. Bringing new users into the ZAX ecosystem is more profitable for active holders than for any other cryptocurrencies. Breakdown of the multilevel commission on referrals is as follows:

  • Referral Commission up to 7 levels (10%, 3%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 3%). To earn referral commission up to 7 levels, holders should have 7 direct referrals.
  • Earning Bonus up to 2 Levels (20%,10%).

ZAX is listed on the Decentralized exchange JustSwap. The ZAX team is currently in negotiations with many network marketing companies and crypto brokers. A one-click liquidity farm for ZAX is also on the cards.

ZAX is here to change how network marketers engage with blockchain and cryptocurrency and finally making the digital currency model usable and rewarding for real-world network marketers. It’s time to mint to the next big thing in money and marketing. Join the ZAX community for 0.5% daily rewards on staking for a total return of 200%!

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Published On: September 10, 2021