The epidemic situation in various countries has been alleviated to varying degrees, enterprises have gradually started to return to work and production, and people have started to live a normal life. It’s just that there’s one more thing you need to go out of the house, that is ” wearing masks”. How to make yourself to be the brightest man in the mask crowd? Today,” zoosk “is going to teach you.

Cotton mask is a necessary fashion item because of its many patterns, customization and repetition. Cute animals, funny expressions, fashionable patterns, You’re the only one who can’t think of it. Wear a unique mask out of the street, you are a fashion trendsetter.


What we are worried about is the protective effect of cotton mask. If it’s just a common cotton mask, there will be no protective effect. Just add a filter in the cotton mask, it can effectively resist virus infection, and fashion protection is correct.


But when choosing, we still need to see the product quality, especially whether the virus protection index of the filter is 95%. Zousk, as a professional mask manufacturer, has made a lot of efforts in product quality. While ensuring product diversity, it selects the fused spray cloth with filter efficiency up to 95% to make filter pieces, so that consumers can become fashion trendsetters while ensuring their own safety. If you are interested in the product, you can click the link to learn more about the product.