The new crown epidemic has made masks the top-selling item in 2020. China has become the world’s largest mask exporter. Overnight, hundreds of mask manufacturers have emerged, how on Earth did China do it? This is entirely dependent on China’s perfect supply chain system, whether it is equipment, raw materials, auxiliary materials, or Labor, can quickly receive market demand, integration of the industrial chain, enterprises can quickly change production, so in February-march, China has built one mask factory after another overnight.


Behind the crazy growth, is the product quality level is not up to standard, factory environment, and other issues, which made China’s customs had to intervene, began to face masks export strict control. In this environment, the mask factory began to formalize, processing countries need import and export qualifications. In round after round of screening and elimination process, informal mask manufacturers order less and less, it slowly withdrew from the competitive ranks of the market.

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