Johannesburg, South Africa, 23rd Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Paul Vorster, regional president of ZPN Energy Sub-Sahara Africa is proud to announce collaboration between ZPN Energy and Megatech MGT. The newly found partnership plans to merge the value proposition of these entities’ unique products and technologies, thereby attaining exponential value for their solutions to their combined client base.

ZPN is a leading, fast-growing British Energy Technology (EnTech) provider headquartered in Coventry (UK) that designs, develops, and produces infrastructure technologies to fight the war against climate change. ZPN contributes to a zero-carbon society as it propels the use of self-reliant, sustainable solutions and promotes a culture for cleaner air and healthier lives.

ZPN Energy has developed innovative smart green energy solutions for a variety of applications, including rapid and ultra-rapid chargers for electric vehicles. ZPN owns a unique intellectual property portfolio within its integrated energy management systems. The technology utilises a disruptive approach, turning the standard Grid into a Smart Grid by making use of IoT and machine learning to integrate data and physical assets.

ZPN ENERGY SSA has been established to deliver fully integrated renewable energy solutions to Sub-Sahara Africa. We are product agnostic but provide a solution or solutions based on best of breed products which are both locally manufactured and imported. ZPN ENERGY SSA will provide any combination of EPC, Storage, Long Term Storage, Energy Management and Finance solutions to Mining, Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural clients. We are comfortable sharing projects with other service providers as long as they share our principles on honesty, quality and long term relationships with Clients.

The relationship with Megatech MGT has been established not only based on these principles but also the value addition to our clients through enhancing our software and solutions offered by Megatech MGT.

The problem ZPN Energy & Megatech strives to solve

Africa has a considerable energy supply problem which seriously limits its potential for development whether its mining, industry or agriculture. Furthermore due to Africa’s limited ability to raise capital for infrastructure projects, green energy projects often get discarded for other critical projects. Megatech MGT is pushing the boundaries when it comes to

facing areas sparse in green energy and the acceleration of the pain-staking funding process of green energy projects in Sub-Sahara Africa. Megatech MGT also gives consumers a chance to earn back when buying Megatech green energy

products allowing both sides to benefit, something not often seen in the competitive market.

By integrating a blockchain capable of performing over and above 1 million transactions per second (Hermes 2.0 Apollo) the MGT / ZPN collaboration can roll out at a rapid pace and become the market leaders in the value exchange of renewable energy amongst private individuals as well as corporate entities. By the immutability of the blockchain, consumers and prosumers are empowered to trade excess energy produced by private energy producers to the energy lacking environment in Africa though a secure and auditable platform.

In the partnership, ZPN will strive to introduce all their new smart energy and smart storage solutions where necessary, bringing a new understanding of green energy processes in Africa and thereby increasing the value of green energy in Africa. Megatech will use its resources within the online finance sector to produce a currency that will be used to buy green energy all over the globe, revolutionizing the way we trade and work with zero carbon-emission energy.

“Now electricity will be within everybody in Afiica’s reach. It will become more and more accessible and even better…it will be given. Entrepreneurs will be able to establish small scale energy generation facilities whilst otheis will be able to tiade it in a simple but secure environment. Concuiient consumeis will have access to full ieal-time audit tiails foi opeiational and goveinance puiposes.”

Paul Vorster | Regional President – ZPN Energy Sub-Sahara Africa

The rollout of a custom-designed user-friendly wallet will be done imminently. Recent amendments to legislation ensure that this much-anticipated project could not have been announced at a more fortunate point in time.

This collaboration is about combining existing technology and intellectual property in these companies’ possession and creating the future of energy barter.

While the world balances on the edge of a new economic revolution, ZPN and Megatech MGT will strive to be not only the new face of zero-emission funding but also be the preferred trading green partner globally!

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