United States, Oct 17, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, With the day-to-day adjustments of social distancing and working remotely, online communication has dominated this year. The cosmetic procedure industry has been booming since reopening. It is no secret that social media has informed trends and standards of beauty, but how else has this enhanced online interaction affected the industry? We approached five leading professionals in New York to speak on the topic.      

Dr. Richard Swift – New York, NY – is a Manhattan board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery: facelifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. Dr. Swift assures to produce beautiful and natural results at his practice Richard Swift MD.

Dr. Swift mentions the disruption of how we live, work and socialize: “now people have more leisure time to look at their smartphones. People can have procedures and not have to go to work or face family and friends because of social distancing”, he explains. “Initially, we had selfies, but now we have shifted to Facetime and Videos in HD.” There is no doubt that this increased opportunity to scrutinize one’s appearances has sparked an interest in cosmetic procedures. “In specific, fillers to restore lost cheek volume, fuller lips, and stronger and more angular jawlines. The pandemic has also allowed many to have liposuction, breast augmentation, and tummy tucks because they can recover and work from home.”

Dr. Vito C. Quatela & Dr. Heather Lee – Rochester, NY – are board-certified, facial plastic surgeons at The Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery, which is comprised of four highly skilled professions who each specialize in their own different areas of expertise. They are committed to providing their patients with the highest quality of individualized care so that they have a world-class experience with amazing results. 

Dr. Quatela shares that they “have seen an increase in interest in cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty for one, and an increase in awareness of appearance.” He expands, expressing that since a lot of individuals now work from home, they are seeing “a Zoom effect, same as the selfie effect, where people are seeing a 4k image of themselves, which is equivalent to looking in a magnifying mirror.” Additionally, people have more privacy to recover “due to working from home and having masks cover their faces.” Dr. Lee weighs in on the effects of social media saying that it has “created an online, virtual world where people see themselves and what they are projecting more closely.”  She emphasizes that they “are also no longer limited geographically; patients come from all over as social media in part has broadened the scope of influence.”

Dr. Michele S. Green – New York, NY – is a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist in NYC who has been

in practice for over 25 years. Her success stems from her conservative and caring approach to cosmetic procedures and her artistry as a cosmetic injector. At her practice, Dr. Michele Green MD, she ensures a subtle, natural approach to cosmetic treatments, leaving patients rejuvenated and refreshed, and the best versions of themselves.

Prominent cosmetic trends that Dr. Green has seen include “non-invasive facial skin rejuvenating procedures such as “baby” Botox and dermal fillers.” She mentions that the benefit of preventative Botox  “for patients in their 30’s is a fast-growing trend, and the anti-aging benefits have been firmly established.” Dr. Green also alludes to the “Zoom effect” mentioning that “patients are on the computer with Zoom and constantly looking at themselves, they are more conscious than ever of their appearance, especially on the screen.” Dr. Green acknowledges that social media has produced social pressure to “look one’s best” and says that this has resulted in “patients wanting to have the best skin care procedures, such as Fraxel, minimally invasive laser skin resurfacing, Botox, and dermal fillers.”

Dr. Alexander Golberg – New York, NY – is board-certified in Family Medicine, Osteopathic, Anti-Aging, and Regenerative medicine and is the medical director at Dr. Golberg a.k.a Dr. Hamptons. He offers all non-invasive aesthetic procedures: PDO threads face and body lift, non-surgical nose correction, botox, fillers and is a national trainer for the other providers for non-surgical PDO threads for face and body lifts.

“Minimally invasive” procedures such as “non-surgical face and body contouring with PDO threads” have been increasingly popular this year, says Dr. Golberg. Social media has become a useful tool for possible clients to learn about the possible procedures and what would be a good fit for them: “With so many different cosmetic procedures, it is hard to find exactly what each person needs. Social media allows for an easy way to see the results of a procedure and be able to research if this procedure is the one you need.”

Dr. Robert S. Reiffel – White Plains, NY – has been practicing plastic and cosmetic surgery since 1980 with his practice Artistic Plastic Surgery. He has been listed in New York Magazine as a “Best Doctor” innumerable times in addition to having received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Marquis Who’s Who. He is now a part of the White Plains Hospital Physicians Associates.

According to Dr. Reiffel “the most prominent cosmetic trends in 2020 involve fillers, Botox, and skincare.” Dr. Reiffel says that social media is influencing people “to treat conditions earlier and earlier, especially since the loss of volume and early fine lines and wrinkles can be treated in a few minutes and on an ongoing basis instead of needing to wait for the condition to get so bad that surgery is necessary.” He denotes that “a good skincare regimen can reverse some of the aging effects of sun damage as well as minimize further changes.”

The new facets of communication such as Zoom and general increased online engagement have definitely been a catalyst for individuals to open themselves up to the idea of getting cosmetic procedures done. Additionally, it has provided an opportunity for people to learn more about the possibilities available, especially since the topic has become less taboo with people willing to share their experiences publically. The cosmetic procedure industry will continue to flourish in this unprecedented time.   

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