Vaduz, Liechtenstein, 14 September 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, ABEY has conducted the second successful airdrop of XT tokens, the native token of its DEX XSWAP. A total of 500,000 XT was distributed within just 30 minutes on September 9, 2021. 

ABEY XSwap developers are planning on distributing 1.2 billion tokens to users through liquidity mining on the platform. ABEY developers say more XT airdrops will be available to match the demand identified by the first two airdrops.

ABEY developers say there are more than 120,000 active ABEY 2.0 addresses today, quadrupling from 30,000 addresses at the beginning of August.

The success of the airdrop and the rapid expansion of more addresses are signs that there’s a growing demand for more assets on XSWAP, the ABEY ecosystem’s DeFi (decentralized finance) platform that is built on top of the ABEYCHAIN.

ABEY Token Listed on Liquid Global Exchange 

Multi-layer blockchain platform ABEYCHAIN confirmed that the ABEY token is now available for trade on the popular cryptocurrency exchange Liquid Global. 

According to the announcement, Liquid Global will initially list ABEY/USDT trading pairs on its trading platform. Over 800,000 users on Liquid will be able to deposit, trade, and exchange the ABEY token, increasing the adoption of the token. ABEY token holders will be able to experience a premium trading experience on Liquid Global. 

Officials at Liquid Global called the listing an exciting one for their exchange. “Liquid is looking forward to providing the ABEY community with a reliable venue to acquire and exchange ABEY tokens and further develop the ecosystem, said Seth Melamed, Liquid COO.

ABEY token has experienced immense growth in recent months. The token has recorded an ROI of over 400% since its first public listing on exchange in 2020. At the time, it sold for $0.60 but now trades at around $2.50.


The exponential increase of ABEY token can be attributed partly to the increased adoption of ABEYCHAIN blockchain globally. ABEYCHAIN is regarded as one of the fastest-growing smart contract protocols due to its functionalities and products. 

ABEYCHAIN has developed a blockchain architecture using a hybrid consensus mechanism to solve the impossible Triangle of decentralization, security and efficiency. As a result, developers can leverage ABEYCHAIN to develop decentralized applications that can process high-speed transactions and cross-chain interoperability without losing efficiency. 

ABEYCHAIN can scale up to 10,000 TPS, making it one of the fastest blockchain protocols in the market. It is also cross-chain compatible, and users can seamlessly transfer crypto assets from other blockchains through ABEYCHAIN with minimal technical requirements. 

To ensure that users have the best blockchain experience, ABEYCHAIN has developed an inclusive ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of several products that allow users to access different blockchain features. 

XSwap is the native home of DeFi and consists of a DEX with advanced functions. DeFi enthusiasts can increase their portfolio by partaking in liquidity mining, yield farming, staking, and lending activities. Unlike other blockchain protocols with high gas costs, users get great value when using the DEX due to low transaction fee costs. 

The ABEY Storage Network is a decentralized storage platform that enables users to save files on the blockchain. It utilizes a unique storage mechanism that is efficient, and storage miners get incentivized with the ABEY Storage Token. 

ABEYCHAIN also provides its native NFT platform where creators and artists can mint NFTs, list their collections, and get paid for successful auctions. The blockchain protocol also has its native stablecoin, aCash Token (ACT), that is pegged to the USDT (Tether). For more information on ABEYCHAIN, visit

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